Social Media Tips for the Spiritual Entrepreneur who wants a Successful Marketing Plan. Social Media Tips for the Spiritual Business that wants to save time, energy, and money on their social media marketing and still make a powerful impact. Simple and easy Social Media Tips to help you attract more clients, make more money with content that it is evergreen and can be repurposed

Every successful business knows how important an effective marketing plan is for their business. If you don’t have a carefully planned Social Media Marketing Plan you can end up spending a lot of time and money on marketing that doesn’t convert. And more time and money on Social Media Marketing than actually doing what you are here to do.

But the reality is many small business owners especially Spiritual Entrepreneurs spend very little studying marketing. Marketing and Social Media Marketing is a very wide subject but an important part of any online business and online marketing. That is why you want these highly effective Social Media Tips for the Spiritual Business. Simple Social Media Tips that every holistic and spiritual entrepreneur can use to get started.

Social Media Content For Healers, Spiritual Coaches

9 Social Media Tips For Your Spiritual Business

Focus All Your Marketing On Your Ideal Audience: All of your marketing efforts; your content, posts, blogs, videos should all be focused on your Ideal client or what I call Soul Client. I see many small business owners waste so much time and money on the wrong audience. Don’t go around groups looking for harvested likes from people that are NOT your ideal audience. I get so many requests from people asking me to like their page, a page that I will never buy from, never look at again. But the problem is you can seriously mess up your algorithms on many social media platforms by asking for likes from people who are not a perfect match for you.

Effective Branding Effective Branding is a key Social Media Tip to help you not just stand out from the crowd and be highly visible but help you be remembered. An effective brand can potentially save you thousands of pounds and hours in the future. The right brand that represents your offerings and your energy if you are a key element of that product, is worth its weight in gold. Effective branding helps you can help your audience feel you and the solution energetically. That is why I love helping clients combine more spiritual marketing with Archetypal Branding and Marketing. Many clients comment on how much my marketing stands out online to them. Even though I have 3 different parts to my business which are all different ideal audiences, I use different colours and imagery to match those audiences.

Create Social Media Templates: It has never been easier to create professional-looking Social Media Content for your clients and students using things like Canva our Visme. I use Canva to create different templates that I can use on my website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Linkedin. If you get your branding right it is then easy to create standard templates for your Social Media. For example, you can set up Canva to use the same brand colours, logo and font on everything you do. This again helps you not only be visible and stand out2 but be remembered.

Social Media Tips For Spiritual Entrepreneurs
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Choose The Right Social Media Platforms: With so many Social Media Platforms to choose from it is important to choose the right Social Media Platforms to hang out on. Other than the widely used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Linkedin there are many others. Many holistic and spiritual businesses have moved or spending more time on platforms such as MeWe, Telegram and Patreon since a lot of censorship on FB, Twitter and even YouTube. If your audience is mostly on Facebook check out our Facebook Marketing Course For Healers, Coaches.

Choose The Right Scheduler: Choosing the right automated scheduler for your business can save you a lot of time, energy, and money. I have used so many different social media schedulers over the years. My favourite that I have been using for a few years is Social Bee App. The reason I love this scheduler is the way you can set it up to rotate content continually. I can add different categories and keep adding content to those categories and it just rotates the content. I can easily go in and edit the content, edit the scheduled times for posting and can also change the hashtags. My admin loves it too as it saves her so many hours in a week. Social Bee is a bit more expensive than most schedulers but there is also a lot of free and low-cost schedulers that can help save you time such as Buffer, Later, Hootsuite…

Share Engaging Content: Choose and create engaging content, content that your ideal audience is interested in wants to know more about. Give your audience content that is related to their pain points. Put yourself in your client’s or customers’ shoes. Choose content that is educational, informative, engaging, entertaining, and or fun. Check out my 111+ Social Media Content Ideas To Boost Your Spiritual Business

Other People’s Content: Another great Social Media Tip which saves time and can help fellow business owners you are aligned with is sharing each other’s content. I belong to a few groups where people share their blogs, I like to take time each month to check out quality blogs that are aligned with my different accounts and add them to my scheduler. It is a good idea on social media to share different types of content, especially from different sources, websites. It helps with the algorithms especially on for example Facebook.

Share Blog: Quality blogs or quality Guest blogs are useful content to share and repurpose on your Social Media Platforms. The key is creating quality blogs, one way to do that is to write blogs around topics your audience is interested in, that you are highly knowledgeable about or an expert in.

Share Videos: One of the most popular Social Media tips that can help boost your algorithms is to share short highly engaging, educational, and or entertaining short videos. Vlogging is a type of blog where you share mostly video blogs, and short educational videos. If you choose to write about evergreen content, these are videos that can be reshared or repurposed.

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Social Media Content For Healers, Spiritual Coaches