What is a Spiritual Business Mentor? And how can spiritual business mentoring they help me grow my healing or spiritual coaching business. What should I consider when choosing the right spiritual business mentor or spiritual business coach for my spiritual or holistic based business.

A Spiritual Business Mentor

A Spiritual Business Mentor is an experienced spiritual business coach or spiritual business strategist who advises and teaches spiritual entrepreneurs how to create and grow a spiritual business usually in a more spiritual or soul-aligned way such as using more spiritual marketing strategies.

Even though a spiritual business mentor would normally have a wide level of knowledge in different areas of growing a spiritual business, some will have specific areas of expertise and specific niches they are more aligned to work with.

Different Types Of Spiritual Business Mentors

Some spiritual business mentor specialise in working with business start up’s or those in the early years of their careers. Some spiritual business mentors like to work with more physical based business like reiki healers, clinics and spas. Some Law of Attraction experts become Spiritual Business Mentors in the area of abundance and financial success. While others specialise in work with more experienced spiritual teachers or spiritual thought leaders.

The key is finding the right spiritual business mentor for your specific needs. As a healer and coach for many years, I tend to work with a lot of highly experienced awakened healers who are now spiritual teachers and spiritual thought leaders who mostly work online. And are serious about breaking out of the 3d matrix way of doing business and marketing.

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Finding The Right Business Mentor For You

If I am being honest one of the main reasons I began offering more spiritual marketing and spiritual business coaching and mentoring in my work over 12 years ago. Mainly because of the struggles I faced finding a spiritual business mentor or coach that fitted my needs and aligned with my core values. And as I began to bring archetypes into my business and healing work.

I had found it so difficult to find a truly aligned spiritual business coach with the expertise and level of spiritual awareness and consciousness I was seeking to support me evolve and grow. Helping others with their business was something I was constantly asked to do from early on in my own business.

Finding A Real Spiritual Business Mentor

In recent years, the term spiritual business coach and spiritual business mentor have become more increasingly popular ( actually for some it seems like just fad term). As even though yes there is definitely a lot more conscious-led business coaches. Please note, just because someone states they are a soul-aligned business mentor or spiritual business coach doesn’t necessarily mean they are. Too many are just business coaches or marketers who have just added the term spiritual to their title and some spiritual aligned words to their programs. You deserve to find the spiritual business mentor, coach or program that is right for you. That is why I am sharing some of my top tips to finding the right spiritual business mentor for you.

Choosing The Right Spiritual Business Mentor

Choose A Soul Aligned Spiritual Business Mentor

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you, is always choose a spiritual business mentor that you feel alignment with. Make sure the spiritual business mentor you choose has similar core values. It is extremely hard to trust and work with with a spiritual business coach or spiritual business mentor that is not in misalignment with your core values and beliefs. Make sure that you choose a soul-aligned business mentor that you resonate with, that has similar core values. But also has the gifts, skills and level of consciousness also to stretch you in areas you need to be stretched.

Choose A Business Mentor That Has Similar Spiritual Beliefs

We are all uniquely different and no one is ever going to have the same views on everything. But the more you choose a business mentor with similar spiritual beliefs, similar ideology the more likely you are on the same page. Spirituality can look very different to each client and business and to each spiritual business mentors and coaches. Make sure you are on the same page, someone who is a spiritual business mentor for metaphysical stores, can be very different for someone who is a spiritual business mentor for a more christian based spiritual coach. There are many business coaches who have added the word spiritual to their title just because they see how many coaches, therapists and healers are struggling to make a living. So never assume they have similar spiritual values or beliefs than you have, you might be surprised.

Check Your Business Mentors Level Of Expertise

Check your business mentor’s level of expertise. Don’t be scared to ask your coach or mentor about their level of expertise in certain areas or any qualifications, training they have. Sadly today there are too many self proclaimed spiritual business coaches and mentors claiming to be experts in their field, charging crazy fees for absolute nonsense lol. Sadly I have met too many healers, therapists and coaches charged crazy money for supposed high end business mentoring. One retired couple lost all their savings investing in supposed business mentoring where they were taught nothing about business, only about mindset. Business is not all mindset, it is a mixture of strategy, skills and expertise. A soul-aligned business requires a lot of soul.

Depending on where you are at in your business and why your hiring a spiritual business mentor. You will have different needs and require different levels of expertise.

Don’t Be Scared To Ask Questions

Don’t be sacred to ask any business mentor or business coach questions when making a high end purchase. It is important that you get the right spiritual business program, the right spiritual business mentor for your business’s specific needs. Avoid any business mentor or coach who is reluctant to answer specific questions or very vague about what you will learn and any benefits.

Also avoid coaches and mentors who’s contract seems so watertight that it sends alarm bells. I wasted a large amount of money on a marketing coach many years ago, who hadn’t a clue what she was doing. Her level of knowledge and professionalism was shockingly poor. Her contract was so watertight I wasn’t even allowed to give feedback on how poor her program was. To be honest I hadn’t fully understood the contract but it was a huge lesson in discernment.

Check Out Their Testimonials

Check out their client testimonials especially on social media, where you can clearly see if the testimonials are real people.

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