How Soul-Deep Is Your Business? How aligned is your business to your life and soul purpose? Are you doing what you really are here to do? Are you really being spiritually guided? Or are you so distracted by the external world or someone else’s idea of what you should be doing?

Or perhaps you are confusing your tools, techniques, and modalities with your actual purpose?

What Do I Mean By Soul Deep?

When I talk about soul-deep I mean getting so up close with your soul, your self, your gifts, and your ikigai that your life and business become soul-aligned, and your work feels spiritually aligned.

Being so on purpose, that you are not just sharing your zone of genius, but you literally tingle with bliss and joy.

I believe when we are totally aligned in your business with what we are here to do, we almost don’t need to try, and there is no room for imposter syndrome, and there is less room for being inauthentic.

For me soul-deep means that what your doing comes from a calling very deep in your core. And in many ways, it’s not about the tools or techniques, yes they can help you achieve and get effective results in your calling.

Difference A Soul Aligned Business And Selling Spiritual Products

For me, a soul-deep or soul-aligned business is something that is guided deep from your heart and soul. That is why in my Soul Purpose Coaching and Spiritual Marketing Mentoring I focus on soul clients, healers, lightworkers, and conscious creatives that want to create a more soul-aligned spiritual business. Those that have the courage to be more soul guided than ego guided.

Anyone can sell spiritual products or services, and anyone can sign up or train in a spiritual course but the reality is that doesn’t automatically make our business a soul-deep or soul-aligned spiritual business.

Adding a spiritual tag or other spiritual terms to something doesn’t mean it’s truly coming from a deeply soul-aligned or spiritual place.

Sadly today some aspects of the spiritual industry have become more faddy, fashionable rather than totally light guided meaning we need far more spiritual discernment.

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Why A Deep Soul Connection = Soul Purpose

What I have learned is the deeper connection you have with your soul, higher self, and god energy the more aligned you are with your soul’s purpose. When your connection is soul-deep, you will naturally be pivoted toward the path that you are more aligned with.

How To Create A Soul Deep Business a spiritual business
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It is our mind, our ego, and the 3D world that distracts us and sabotages us from fully owning our power.

Like many healers and therapists today I trained in a big long list of different therapies and modalities before being self-employed. And most of that training was at least 9 – 12 months, not a few weekends or months.

So after making a lot of time or money investment in a course in many ways I attached myself to the idea that I needed to include all these techniques and tools in my work. And there I believe lies a big trap that can actually stop many healers, therapists even coaches from seeing where their true gifts truly lie.

I tried to sell so many different tools and techniques that it was not just exhausting but very confusing to my audience.

But I soon came to realise that not every technique was as good for certain conditions as the training school claimed it was. My ideal clients didn’t care about the technique like myself they just wanted a solution that worked well. And I had to be honest with myself that my training and certificates didn’t equate to purpose. Yes some of them were great vehicles and helpers in my purpose but my life and soul gifts were something more innate.

How To Create A Soul Deep Business a spiritual business
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It’s Easy To Lose Your Purpose In Your Modalites, Your Titles

Believe me, it is so easy to lose your purpose in your tools, training, or the titles you are given or give yourself. Because they help us in marketing and well feed the ego. But do they always speak the truth? Do they really define the truth of our role or purpose?

I like many of you have trained in so many modalities over the last 30 years that I forget how many titles and qualifications I have been given. If I am being truthful more than a few titles didn’t fully align with me, at the end of the day they were just a piece of paper I achieved over a few hundred hours of training.

But most didn’t define what my unique gifts were. Yes, some were part of the story, and some were part of the solution I offered but like many, I lost myself my own gifts inside all of that training and titles.

In reality, many of us invest highly in training that doesn’t guarantee it is actually related to what we are truly here to do. It may not be our purpose but it is often a stepping stone to where we’re meant to be. I believe most of us healers, therapists, and coaches get so lost in our beliefs and attachment to our tools, training, and certificates that we can lose alignment and inner guidance regarding our true purpose.

I have gained tens of thousands of pounds worth of techniques and tools, under my belt over the last 30 years, and I use most of them with my clients on a daily basis, NO. They can be a powerful tool for me, they can be an additional tool in my toolbox for clients when needed. But they don’t have to define my purpose or the products and services I offer.

Defining Your Purpose From Your Tools And Training

The more you can define your purpose from your tools, training and yes even your products and services you start feeling that soul-deep essence of you.

That is why I do NOT believe you have to work on aligning yourself to a certain audience. YOU need to know yourself first, you need to know what products, and services you are most soul-aligned to offer and then align with your ideal audience.

That is WHY I disagree with coaches who tell people to start aligning themself with the audience they want to work with ( as in ego wants to work with rather than what the soul is more aligned with)

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Signs You Maybe Out Of Alignment In Your Spiritual Business

A few signs you may be not soul-deep aligned in your business.

1. You are teaching something you don’t believe in or are not practicing yourself. For example, putting yourself out there as a holistic practitioner, but in no way living a holistic lifestyle. Promoting yourself as a meditation teacher but meditation isn’t really an integral part of your daily life. Selling yourself as a health and wellness coach, but you aren’t really a health and wellness buff.

2. Doing something in a certain way even though it doesn’t feel right or aligned, not congruent with what your soul is calling you to do.

2. Lack of spiritual and intuitive connectedness in your work, where you are working more from the mental mind than being guided by the heart and soul.

3. Doing what you think you should be doing, rather than what your heart, and soul are calling you to do. Sometimes we think we should or must do something a certain way because of lots of distortion, conditioning, lack, and fear.

4. Spending more time admiring or wanting other people’s gifts or business than truly appreciating, owning, and sharing your own gifts. Many spiritually gifted people hide their deepest gifts from even themself because of past trauma or other people’s views of their gifts.

5. Lack Or Fear is running the show, your wounded child, or victim archetype is running your business

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