Why Soul Expansion helps you unlock your soul’s gifts. The more we can let go of who we are not. The more room we allow for soul expansion and soul expression. The more our soul’s gifts begin to shine.

As someone who has been on my own healing journey and the healer’s journey for 28 years. I am very aware of how important it is for everyone to recognise and own more of their soul gifts. Live our passion and purpose.

The more we can be fully in a state of being, be more open to more light and love we naturally expand, we naturally awaken our unique soul expression.

In many ways, there is nothing more beautiful than living on purpose, being fortunate enough to have a passion-filled job, that lights you up. I know, I have got to do work I loved for 20 years.

Despite having suffered rare and complex medical health challenges from a young age that made normal employment very challenging. I have had so many amazing opportunities sharing my gifts, living more and more of my life and soul purpose. And now I am taking this on to a whole new level, helping healers, spiritual teachers and conscious creatives live their purpose.

There has never been a more important time for us to start expanding, to start owning the gifts we were born to share.

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Neptune In Retrograde – Soul Expansion

With Neptune in Retrograde June 23 – November 29th 2020 this is regarded as a time of purging and cutting through illusions. Neptune is regarded as been directly linked to the origins of consciousness, the ultimate meaning of life.

It is generally viewed as a time where we can become even more aware of our own spirituality, our own unique soul’s gifts, and purpose, as long as we don’t allow the ego to pulled into the illusion and self-delusion of Neptune. According to Patrick Arundell, Neptune Retrograde is a time of great ideas and inspiration for the creatives and artists amongst you.

But this is also a time where a lot of irrational behaviour or even hysteria is said to arise from old wounding and traumas. A time for deep self-care and soul care, and inner child healing.

As Lee Harris states June is a month to make big changes but also for big cautions. A time for deep transformation, but equally polarities between deep fear and deep love.

It’s A Time To Expand, It’s Time To Be You

It doesn’t matter if you are a Healer, Coach, Artist, Factory Worker, Cleaner. You are uniquely you, you are here with your unique powerful mixture of gifts, a very important part of the jigsaw of life. And more than not you are still only scratching the surface in relation to your powerful gifts. Since I was a child I had this ability to see and feel others’ potential and a drive to want to help them do what they most want to do. It doesn’t matter where you are right now, your age, status, even health or income. Your future you, the energy of the future of you is sitting waiting to be expressed.

Soul Awakening – Unlocking Your Soul’s Gifts

If you are a healer, coach, or teacher your unique soul’s gifts, your soul clients are getting ready to meet you, and connect with you. You just need to start letting go of what is not you and start unlocking the true you.

Even if you are a healer like me who has decades of experience, working with more healers and teachers than you can remember. Your soul still wants to expand more, shine more, express, and unlock more.

I meet so many healers and spiritual teachers who actually can’t see their most powerful gifts. For some, their gifts are so innate they don’t recognise their power. For too many others they are just scratching the surface, their fear, shame, and distortions are denying or hiding their gifts.

Every single one of us has so many gifts and spiritual gifts we cannot see. So many superpowers just waiting to be awakened or fully harnessed. That is why before I help clients focus on different aspects of their marketing such as their ideal clients. I like to help clients unlock more of their soul gifts. The more we truly know ourselves the more we can truly empower and help others.

Your Soul Clients, Your Soul Tribe Need You

Now more than ever your ideal clients, soul clients; soul tribe need you to step up and be, be the light that you are meant to be.

Maybe you are the artist, the conscious creative that is erupting inside waiting to be free. Or maybe you are the master, the teacher that needs to stand up and lead others towards the change we all need to be.

The more you allow can yourself to expand, trust in your inner guidance, and know the universe has got your back. The more synchronicities and magic will start to appear.

Why It is An Important Time For Soul Expansion

We are living at a powerful time on the planet, a time of great opportunity for change, for soul expansion and growth. A time when we get to help make powerful changes on the planet and through the soul. A time when many ways lightworkers, wayshowers, visionaries, and people of power need to step up. It is far easier to stand up, shine your light when you can expand, fully embrace your essence, your unique soul’s gifts. Sometimes we need to heal our wounded child so that we can truly own and share our beautiful gifts.

free healing meditations for lightworkers, healers and empaths
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Are You Ready To Start Owning Those Gifts And Sharing Them With Your Soul Clients? Check out my Guided Meditation – Identifying Your Greatest Gifts and Free Course – What is a Soul Client?