7 Steps To Grow Your Online Business In 2020

[Updated 28th January 2020]

How Do You Grow Your Online Business if you’re a therapist, healer, or coach? It doesn’t matter if you are selling coaching, healing, or therapy programs, sessions, videos, or downloads. Your business needs a strong foundation. And part of that strong foundation has to start with building that know, like, and trust with your audience, your ideal clients. Building a healthy relationship with your audience, a strong enough connection that they trust you and your products are very important.

How To Grow Your Online Business

Every healthy online business needs to

  1. Know their ideal client or customer
  2. Provide products or services your ideal client wants to buy.
  3. Have an effective marketing plan
  4. Build a healthy email list.

Your Ideal Client:

Now I talk a lot about knowing who your ideal client is, not guessing who your ideal client is. So many small businesses hardly get off the ground because they focus on the wrong ideal audience. They invest so much time, money, energy trying to engage with an audience that was never their ideal client to start with. Believe me, I have been there and got the tee-shirt.

If you’re focusing on the wrong audience you’re not addressing your ideal clients’ pain points. Your not marketing to the needs of the ideal clients that want to work with someone just like you. So if your not 100% sure who your perfect clients are, sign up for my Free Course – What Is A Soul Client? Learn why you should be focusing on not just your ideal client but soul clients.

7 Steps To Grow Your Online Therapy Business Your Coaching and Healing Business

The Products Your Ideal Clients Want To Buy

Once you know who your ideal client is, you can actually work out what your ideal client wants. Provide the product, courses or services your ideal client will invest in. Your marketing is about helping your clients recognise why they will benefit from your product or service, The benefits, and solutions your product or service can provide.

If you are a healer, coach, or therapist it is far more powerful to offer your greatest areas of expertise or the greatest gifts you are here to share.


Effective Business Plan

Every business needs a strong foundation that should include a good business plan and the right business advice. When choosing a business mentor or advisor choose well. Make sure you choose someone who has run a business similar to yours. Someone who understands your type of business, your type of market, and has run that business successfully for many years.


Effective Marketing Plan

Once you know what your clients want and why you start creating an effective marketing plan. You create a marketing plan that will nurture your audience. It is all about creating trust, creating a relationship with your ideal client. And showing up where your ideal client hangs out. You can learn how to create a powerful marketing plan in this previously recorded Marketing Plan Webinar For Holistic & Spiritual Businesses

Build Your Mailing List

To grow your online business you need to be focusing on building an email list. Because once a potential client or customer subscribes to your email list, you have a direct opportunity to build that relationship. Having your ideal client sign up for your newsletter is worth its weight in gold.

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7 Steps To Successfully Grow Your Online Business

  1. Know as much as you can about your Ideal Client or what I call Soul Client, create an avatar of them. So you really understand them as much as you can.
  2. Know where you will find your ideal audience, so you know where to advertise or connect with them.
  3. Your online therapy business needs to offer products and lead magnets, that your ideal clients really want.
  4. Your online therapy business needs to offer a great lead magnet that they will willingly exchange for their email address.
  5. You need to offer valuable follow-up emails also known as sequences that are aimed at being of service not just selling that will continually engage your ideal client. And to encourage them to remain on your list.
  6. Your Lead Magnet should be directly linked to the product and or service you want your ideal customer to buy.
  7. Get your Great Lead Magnet out in front of your ideal audience by sharing on your website, social media using blogs, posts, videos, pins….whatever form of media you can

As you can see to grow your online business By following these steps you can start growing a healthy mailing list which in turn creates a healthy online therapy or coaching business. If you would love some help with your marketing. Book a 1-2-1 Spiritual Marketing & Business Discover Session with Eileen to see if we are the right fit.

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