How To Earn Cash For Christmas – Coaches & Therapists

how to make more money at christmas coaches therapists

Simple Ways To Boost Your Business And Earn Cash Over Christmas And New Year

Christmas is a great opportunity to grow and boost your business but most holistic business owners often fail to make the most out of this time …

7 Steps To Successful Grow Your Online Therapy Business

grow your therapy business spiritual marketing business advice

How Do You Grow Your Online Therapy Business?

It doesn’t matter if you are selling coaching, healing or therapy programs, sessions, videos or downloads. You need to build that know, like and trust with your audience. You need to build …

Attract Soul Clients By Sharing Your Soul Essence In Your Marketing

Want To Attract Soul Clients?

Why you want to attract soul clients, not just attract ideal clients. If you are a coach or therapist you want to attract clients your aligned with, what I call soul clients.

Why? Because Soul …

How Much Money Do I Need To Invest In Marketing?

cost of marketing coaching business

Do You Invest In Marketing Your Business?

Do you know what you need to invest in marketing to grow your business? Too many coaches and therapists start their business with no marketing plan. Most under estimate the money, time and …

How To Be Authentic In Your Coaching Or Therapy Business

how to be authentic in your coaching or therapy biz

Are You Authentic In Your Coaching Or Therapy Business Marketing?

Building any business has its challenges. Building a business in an industry that is saturated with coaches and therapists can seem even more challenging. But it is far easier to

How To Become A Calm Confident Coach

Are You A Calm Confident Coach Or A Stressed Out Struggling Coach?

Now more than ever is a saturation of stressed out, anxious and exhausted coaches trying to grow their business.

Many frazzled, frustrated and fed up, hoping, praying for …

Is Fast-Track Holistic Training Healing Or Harming Complementary Healthcare

Why The Holistic Training & Complementary Therapy Training Industry May Be Struggling To Be Taken Seriously Here In The UK

holistic training industry harming or healingDespite having to rely mostly on holistic well-being for over 27 years and have studied in this area myself for …

Successful Coaches Create Products Clients Want And Will Buy

how successful coaches create products clients buy

Therapists & Coaches Create Products That Clients Will Buy


coaches how to create products clients wantCoaches have to create products clients want to buy. If you don’t create the right coaching products. You will constantly struggle to attract a regular flow of clients to fill …

12 Hashtags for Holistic Businesses, Healers, Therapists & Coaches

Hashtags for Healers, Holistic and Spiritual Businesses

Hashtags are commonly used on various social media platforms to search for specific topics. Hashtags are also used to increase client reach. In-fact when you use the right hashtags for healers on instagram …

Learn How To Attract Your Soul Clients with Spiritual Marketing

Attract Not Just Your Ideal Client But Soul Clients

Why Spiritual Marketing doesn’t just speak to your ideal client it reaches the heart and soul of your soul clients. Why more heart based businesses are moving towards a more soulful …

Janine Thorp, Spiritual Mentor- Therapist Of The Week

Therapist of The Week is the lovely Janine Thorp, Spiritual Mentor, Healer & Teacher.

Janine thank you for agreeing to this blog interview, our readers would love to know more about you and your work.
My name is Janine Thorp

Building A Relationship With Your Ideal Client As A Therapist Or Coach

building your connection with your ideal client spiritual marketing tips

Why Building A Relationship With Your Ideal Client, Ideal Audience Is Vital. Like any relationship there has to be the likability, connection and trust between you and your ideal client. The relationship you build with potential clients through your marketing …