Are You A Calm Confident Coach Or A Stressed Out Struggling Coach?

Now more than ever is a saturation of stressed out, anxious and exhausted coaches trying to grow their business.

Many frazzled, frustrated and fed up, hoping, praying for more. Desperately disappointed their coaching business hasn’t yet brought them the balance and success they dreamed of.

Clients Need A Calm Confident Coach

The reality is that clients want and need a coach that is calm, confident and balanced not a struggling, stressed out coach. So if your showing up as desperate than in demand, turning up for sessions more exhausted than energised, anxious than confident, your not in the best space for clients.

Clients want to desperately feel a calm, confident energy from their coach. After all you are the one that is there to support them. And if you aren’t coming from that space aren’t looking after and supporting you. How can you support your clients effectively?

Sadly there are more and more coaches trying to fake it until they make it and it doesn’t last very long. Even if they do attract a few clients, things start to crumble because they haven’t got the basic foundations in place. Especially with so many coaches trying to sell their self as experts after only a few days or weeks full of training.

Are You Resonating Calm, Confidence & Clarity In Your Coaching?

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5 Signs Your Not A Calm Confident Coach


  1. Constantly Rushing – Your rushing between clients, rushing tasks, rushing aspects of your life and business.
  2. Focusing On Next Clients -Your constantly focusing on the next client or always on more clients. Instead of giving your full undivided attention to your present clients.
  3. Creating Not Selling – Your continually creating more and more material and programs but not actually selling. And putting quantity before quality.
  4. Constantly Doubt Yourself – You continually question yourself if you actually are an effective coach
  5. Constantly Compare Yourself – You constantly compare yourself to other coaches



5 Ways You Can Become A More Calm Confident Coach


  1. Be In The Moment- Focus on the present moment, not in the past or future but be fully here with whatever client or task you are doing.
  2. STOP- Take time out to stop especially between tasks and clients, Make sure you give yourself at least 5 minutes between clients to detach and let go energetically and mentally.
  3. START Sessions From A Calm Space– Do whatever you need to before a session or at the beginning of a session to help hold a calm, safe supportive space for your client.
  4. COACH on Areas of Expertise -don’t try to coach in everything and anything, be a master and expert in one area, not a jack of all trades.
  5. FOCUS on Your Uniqueness- Focus and recognise your own abilities, your own skill set.


When you apply these principles you not only become a more calmer coach but you are so natural you are authentic. When you are authentic you attract more soul clients. If you would love to be more calm, confident and successful check out my FREE Download & Video

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