Are You A Calm Confident Coach In Your Spiritual Business?

Are You A Calm Confident Coach Or More Of A Stressed Out Struggling Coach?  Now more than ever there is a saturation of stressed-out, exhausted coaches really struggling to grow their coaching business. After investing tens of thousands of pounds in training, coaching, and marketing to create that dream career.

But the reality is too many are struggling not just financially but mentally and emotionally. Too many are overwhelmed and desperately disappointed that they haven’t yet achieved that balance and success they envisioned.

Instead of being that calm confident coach they dreamed of, they are a seriously stressed-out coach that is suffering from chronic anxiety or chronic stress.

Being A Calm Confident Coach To Reach Success

Clients Need A Calm Confident Coach

The reality is that clients want and need a calm confident coach that will help them feel calm, safe, and supported.

They want to and need to feel that energy of confidence, that energy of strength and balance.

So if you are showing up in your business more anxious and desperate than in demand.

Feeling more exhausted than energized you are not going to be in the right energy and head space for your clients.

Clients Deserve A Calm Confident Coach

Coaching isn’t cheap, it’s rarely a one-off investment for a client, they deserve a calm confident coach that can give them the best service.

So many clients just need safe supportive safe, reassuring energy from a calm confident coach that is deeply grounded in presence and awareness. And if you aren’t coming from that space aren’t looking after and supporting you effectively. How can you support your clients effectively?

No one today wants a fake it till you make it coach. They want you to show up in your area of strength, and your area of expertise in an authentic way.

No one is expecting you to be superhuman or flawless but as a coach, you have to have a certain level of skills to do your job effectively.

That includes being able to manage your own anxiety and stress. A very important skill that helps you coach effectively.

Are You Resonating Calm, Confidence & Clarity In Your Coaching?

Are you showing up energetically as a calm confident coach?

Are you walking the talk, singing your song, or are life’s stressors taking their toll? Being honest about where you are is so important as it helps you look at areas in your life and business that you need to work on.

6 Signs You May Not Be The Calm Confident Coach You Want To Be

Signs you may not be as calm and confident in your coaching business as you want to be

  1. Constantly Rushing – Your rushing between clients, rushing tasks, rushing and juggling different aspects of your life and business.
  2. Focusing On Next Clients -You are constantly focusing on the next client or always on more clients. Instead of giving your full undivided attention to your present client, that client that is with you right now.
  3. Creating But Not Selling – You are continually creating programs but not actually selling. You are putting quantity before quality. Creating more than advertising, marketing, or selling.
  4. Constantly Doubt Yourself – You continually question yourself and spend more time worrying than coaching from a state of flow and ease.
  5. Constantly Comparing Yourself – You constantly compare yourself to other coaches,  looking at what other coaches are doing instead of doing what you are here to do.
  6. Procrastination: You find yourself wasting endless hours in a state of procrastination.

6 Ways You Can Be A Calm Confident Coach

Top tips on how to be more of that calm confident coach your clients deserve.

  1.  Master The Art Of Meditation: Deep meditation is deeply powerful in helping us reach deep states of calm and confidence.
  2. Focus On Your Zone Of Genius: Become a coach in the area of your zone of genius.
  3. Focus On Your Soul Clients: Focus on your soul clients, the clients you are born to help.
  4. Master Your Coaching Skills: Coaching takes time to master, it is important to invest in the right coaching skills and training.
  5. Manage Your Stress And Anxiety: Being a healthy confident coach involves effective stress management and anxiety management skills investing in the right stress management training and stress management tools can be worth its weight in gold to both you and your clients.
  6. Coach From A Calm Space: Make sure you start each session from a deep state of calm and stillness.

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