How To Attract Soul Clients Through Spiritual Marketing Strategies If You Are A Healer, Spiritual Coach, Therapist, Or Other Type Of Spiritual Business Owner.

Why Spiritual Marketing helps you attract soul clients by helping you stand out and connect with the heart and soul of your soul clients. Why more heart-based businesses are moving towards a more soulful authentic way to market themself.

Attracting Your Soul Clients In A More Spiritual Way

Modern marketing uses a wide range of unhealthy psychological tactics to attract and convert customers which includes over-hype selling. While Spiritual Marketing helps you reach the heart and soul of your soul client’s wants and needs in a more authentic soul-aligned way. yet powerful way.

But before you create an effective spiritual marketing plan,  it is important that you have a soul-aligned business, offering a product or service that your soul clients want and will buy.

The problem is many spiritual and holistic businesses start a business around their passions and assume that what their offerings will sell. And when they don’t they can seriously struggle with the business and marketing side of things because they want to market in a more authentic or soulful way.

How To Attract Soul Clients Spiritual Marketing For Healers Spiritual Coaches Spiritual Teachers

Common Marketing Mistakes With Service-Based Holistic And Spiritual Businesses

Passion And Purpose

Most self-employed therapists, healers, and coaches are so passionate about the techniques or therapy they are trained in. That they don’t think about doing any market research to check if there is enough customer market for what they are offering. Or if this is something their present clients will actually invest in. The key is to turn your passion into a soulaligned business.

Passion And Solution

They often spend a lot of time marketing the techniques or modalities instead of selling the benefits and solutions for a particular pain point.  When most clients only want to know you can solve their particular problem.

Passion And Niche

Too many spiritual and holistic therapists set up businesses in niches or areas where the market is already saturated and focus on clients not willing to invest in that type of product or service. They struggle to find clients who will resonate with them or will pay for their services because they don’t know their purpose or zone of genius. And are not focusing on their ideal clients or soul clients or what some would regard as soul mate clients.

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The Difference Between Soul Clients

When a client invests in a healing or therapy product, things are much more personal. The client needs to trust the healer, the therapist,  there is often something much more deeper going on. This is usually client resonance, and client alignment. That is why a more spiritual approach to marketing is highly effective for holistic and spiritual-based businesses. Especially business owners who want to be authentic, those who put integrity and the client at the heart of their business.

Wasting Time And Money On The Wrong Clients

When I began studying various types of heart-based and spiritual marketing many years back.  It completely woke me up to see more clearly my soul clients. I spent so many years in business focusing a lot of time, energy, and money on the wrong ideal clients. But luckily whilst part of my business naturally attracted soul clients. It took me many years to see that my soul clients were a niche area, where certain work and referrals came so naturally to me.

Speaking To Your Ideal Audience, Your Soul Clients

If a business clearly knows who it is marketing to, it doesn’t just market to everyone and anyone it speaks to a typical client directly. Marketing is like speaking a language that only that specific person or audience will understand. So a successful business has to be very specific on who its ideal client is and what language they understand. And on average only 3% of that audience will be ready or want to buy your product or service at that stage. So if you spend a lot of time, and energy on the wrong audience, those who will actually buy are going to be even lower than 3%.

So Who Is Your Soul Client?

So who is your ideal match, who is your soul client, and how do you start creating a brand, a marketing campaign that will speak to the emotions, the pain of that soul client?

Well, you have to know yourself and the key traits of your soul essence that those soul clients are looking for. You focus on what makes you unique, and attractable and then learn to market your business and its products and services in a more authentic, clear, effective, and unique way. I introduce people to this journey in How To Be Authentically You and take clients fully into this journey in my Spiritual Marketing Coaching Programs.

Effective Soul Client Marketing Campaign

Either way, an effective marketing campaign  alongside the spiritual principles of the law of attraction can work wonders in nurturing that know, like, and trust factor

What Is A Soul Client And Why Should You Market To Them?

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Update: this content was originally published in March 2017 but has been recently updated on April 9th, 2023 to reflect new changes.