Top Time Hacks For Coaches, Therapists And Healers. How to save time while making more money in your business as a coach, healer or therapist

Time management hacks that can be used by any small business to be more productive and efficient.

Time Is Money

In business time is money. That is why good time management is so important in any successful coaching, healing or therapy business. A successful business thinks smart, they use their time, energy and investments in the most wisest way.

That is why running a healthy therapy or coaching business involves investing in the right people, products, software, tools and skill that will help grow and sustain your business.

So you can have enough time and energy to focus on the really important things in your business that you need to do and are most skilled to do.

How I Manage To Get So Much Done In Business

Despite being someone who has suffered all sorts of neurological challenges and disabilities that has impacted my ability to write and do certain complex tasks. One of things most of my clients and students comment on is how do I get so much done, manage to create so many posts, create so many courses.

Despite having to take a lot of time off work over the last couple of years for a variety of reasons. So much of my business, may marketing and my social media has been running on automatic pilot.

That is why I am sharing some my recommended time hacks for coaches, therapists, healers and other types of holistic and spiritual business owners.

7 Top Time Hacks For Coaches and Therapists
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7 Top Time Hacks For Coaches And Healers

My favourite time hacks for coaches, holistic and spiritual business owners.

Meditate Daily:

Meditation can be a powerful time management hack as it helps us approach our day and activities with much better clarity and focus. Most people waste so many hours procrastinating, ruminating, distracted, suffering from lack of clarity or brain fog. Meditation helps us get into a better state of flow and being that helps us do what we need to do with more ease. My students love my less than 5 Minute Meditation Hack.

Prioritise Tasks:

Every business has a to do list. Start by prioritising your tasks into urgent, vital, important and can do later. These can be broken then down to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. There are many different types of time hacks for coaches and businesses, that help you prioritise tasks, the Eisenhower Method uses something similar.

Use A Time Saving Appointment Scheduler

Easy to use appointment software for your clients and staff are a must time hack for coaches, therapist, healers and any other service related businesses. The key is choosing the right type of appointment software for you some of my favourite are Calendly, Tidycal, … So many of these appointment schedulers today are inexpensive or have a free version.

Use Time Saving Social Media Schedulers

I can honestly say the right social media schedulers have been a life saver for my business. Especially as a business who has sold online for over 24 years. This one of the most important time hacks for coaches, therapists and healers who are doing their social media themself. And want to make sure there is regular content going out to their audience when they are working, resting, on holiday or even ill.

I LOVE Social Bee App Scheduler as it doesn’t just schedule content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube And Threads…It has one of the best repurposing content features on any of the schedulers I have ever used. It has a variety of intuitive features that makes it easy to add slight variations of the same posts, such as different words, images and hashtags. One of the quickest ways repurpose old content, so you are not having to create content from scratch everyday.

I also use the Tailwind App to boost my Pinterest engagement and increase my google rankings.

Time Management For Coaches - Time Hacks for Coaches and Small Businesses
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Use Pre-Branded Social Media Templates

We all know how much time social media can take up that is why pre-branded social media templates for your various social media platforms is one of my favourite top time hacks for coaches, healers, therapists even your social media managers. Having predesigned templates for your marketing and social media posts can save you a lot of hours in a week, month and year. I have predesigned templates for all my platforms and even videos this makes creating social media content easy to do for me or my staff.

Task Stack When You Can

Task stacking is not just a time hack for coaches and holistic and spiritual businesses. Time stacking is a great productivity and time management tool for all types of businesses and people. Think about task tasking in relation to similar tasks and places. Examples of time stacking is doing like finances, money management, bills together. Creating and writing your social media content for the month or week. Or doing other kitchen chores like doing the washing, emptying the dishwasher while keeping an eye on the dinner in the oven or hob.

Invest In The Right Team

Investing in the right team for your business, the right admin staff, the right social media support or other help can actually not just help you save time and help you become more productive. But the right time can help you make money. While the wrong team can cost you time and money. I spent years hiring people who cost me more time and money, because they didn’t have the right skills or motivations. The right team want you to succeed so will make your business a priority.

The Best Time Hacks For Coaches Reduce Stress

The best time hacks for coaches and any business owner help reduce stress, anxiety and even boredom. For example so many time consuming menial tasks can be done more efficiently by software today. Investing in the right automation and productivity tools can seriously reduce stress and overwhelm for you and your clients.

Clients want an easy efficient way to make their appointments, products or services at the press of a button.

When it makes their life easier, it makes your business life easier and your life easier. It is a win win situation for all.

If you would like to learn how to become more time efficient and time productive as a coach, check out my Time Management Course For Coaches, packed with time hacks for coaches and holistic business owners.

Save Time Make More Money Effective Time Management Course
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