How To Be Authentic In Your Coaching Or Therapy Business

how to be authentic in your coaching or therapy biz

Are You Authentic In Your Coaching Or Therapy Business Marketing?

Building any business has its challenges. Building a business in an industry that is saturated with coaches and therapists can seem even more challenging. But it is far easier to stand out and be successful when your being authentic in your coaching or therapy business.

But too many Life Coaches and Therapists just follow the crowd. when it comes to marketing They just do what they think everyone else is doing, even if they are doing it all wrong. Some simply sell and pitch to anyone and everyone on their social media page. Appearing to be offering the exact same service and products as everyone else.

Others hate any sort of selling or technology. And do as little marketing as they can. Just hoping and [raying for that sale.

Both struggle to survive and stand out.

  1. Because they are not being authentic.
  2. They are focusing on selling instead of building a relationship with their audience.

The truth is when your authentic in your coaching or therapy marketing, you naturally stand out. When you own your quirkiness your differences you begin to shine.

Like a lot of things in life your audience, your potential clients and customers want connection. If your a coach, healer or therapist most of your business depends on you. Your business depends on your gifts, skills, your uniqueness. In many ways you are selling that uniqueness.

I spent a large part of the last 17 years as a teacher in this industry. I constantly saw therapists and students compare them-self to everyone else. Desperately wanting to be someone else, failing to embrace and master their own beautiful gifts and talents.

The most spiritually successful coaches and healers just do what they are here to do. These therapsists and coachs own their uniqueness, own their gifts. They focus their time, energy and resources on doing what they are here to do. Instead of worrying what other people think. The live their passion and purpose by being authentic and by sharing their gifts.

When you begin to focus on your strengths, on your own experience, your skills, things change. You open yourself up to not just new clients but amazing opportunities. The spiritual business that stand outs, is the one’s who niche in on their specific gifts and strengths. Those that the courage to honour who they are, and can demonstrate that effectively in their marketing.

authentically you in your coaching therapy business

But so many coaches and therapists want to run before they can walk. They are not focusing on their greatest strengths, not practicing what they preach. Many selling themself as masters, experts, teachers in areas they have few years experience in. They aren’t being honest with them self never mind the audience they are trying to reach. And that unconscious fear is sabotaging their business and marketing in various ways. They are usually failing to recognise their greatest skills in their therapy or coaching business.

They don’t recognise their most natural gifts, often archetype traits are the most powerful gifts into their therapy or coaching business. But when you can help a healer or coach see their greatest gifts, their purpose more clearly.  Everything starts to fall into place for their business, for their marketing. They become more stronger within themself. There is no loner any need to compete or  pretend to be something you are not.

And then you start to see not just your ideal client but your soul clients.  When you recognise you and your soul clients and build on that, all sorts of magic and possibilities occur. There is also others who have been in the industry 20, 30 years who aren’t owning their expertise, owning their knowledge and wisdom. So we have a lot of poor coaches and therapists selling themself as experts. And a lot of highly qualified experienced coaches and therapists under valuing their expertise.

This reminds me of a contract I got for a friend of mine.  An healer who far excelled in awareness and training. than of the many hundreds of healers I know. Someone who  had invested many years working with some great masters around the world.

When another healer that I had introduced to this organisation heard,  all sorts of things began to happen. This other healer appeared threatened by this person arrival. And began to pull out all sorts of cards to try and work the contract to his benefit not the organisations best interest. In-fact so much so it ended up sabotaging an event. But little did this person realise at the time, that that this didn’t go unnoticed. This left a very large question over this person’s professional integrity by other agencies.

Now in this situation,  both healers were polar opposites in expertise, skills and dedication.  But in many ways also ideal client. This wasn’t the regular type of audience this more experienced healer would be in front of. In many ways he was way ahead of his time. The reality was the more inexperienced healer in some ways was more aligned with some of the clients in this organisation. So wouldn’t really have lost much contracts because the type of healing he offered was what those clients wanted. Even though the more experienced could have taught the client audience much more.

Fear he wasn’t enough nearly cost this person a lot of potential income. Not because of perceived competition but the way that person dealt with the situation. There will always be someone more experienced than you or more gifted than you in one area. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have your perfect ideal clients where you are right now. If you shine your greatest gifts, serve your ideal clients or soul clients  with integrity you have nothing to fear.

There will also always be the person who wants to be the expert, be at the top of their field, without the dedication or sacrifice. And they usually get found out or something begins to crumble because they are building their business or marketing on a false foundation.

Each and every therapists, healer, coach has their own place in the world and no one is less or more important, we are all unique. But if you want to genuine help others and be the best coach, healer or therapist you can be. You have to start being authentic in your coaching or therapy business and your marketing.

When you start being more authentic, you naturally start attracting your ideal clients and even better soul clients. You start showing up more powerfully in your marketing as-well as your products and services. Because your being YOU.

So would you like to learn how to attract an abundant of clients authentically and honestly. Well you can.

Learn how to bring more Profit and Passion into your business today by being Authentically You in Your Therapy Business 5 Easy Steps  I will show you how in my latest e-book

“How to Be Authentically YOU in Your Therapy Business”



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Eileen Burns
Owner of Spiritual Marketing Club and Stress Coach Training. Eileen built her own business up for the last 20 years mostly through online marketing. A coach, healer and therapist she knows the difficulties many coaches and therapists have in business and marketing. Other than her online Stress Coach Training school which offers stress management, meditation and relaxation therapist training for therapists and coaches. She offers a wide range of spiritual marketing courses and mentoring for holistic and spiritual business owners.


    1. Thank you Anna, It definitely can be and I think sometimes its hard to know how much to share. But they key is just taking a step by step approach and checking in with your self every so often 🙂 Your doing great

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