How Much Is Procrastination Costing Your Spiritual Business? What is procrastination and what is the cost of procrastinating as a solopreneur or small business owner?

What Is Procrastination?

The unhealthy habit of procrastination is a self-sabotaging pattern that keeps us in a habit of delaying or avoidance of certain tasks or decision-making.

Procrastination is psychologically driven by a variety of unhealthy thoughts and unhealthy habits which are often fed by anxiety, low confidence, low self-esteem, poor self-control, unhealthy beliefs, and lack of structure in daily life.

The Cost Of Procrastination In Business

The cost of procrastination in business is high, in some ways, it can be like a never-ending piece of string. Depending on the main areas of procrastination in your business, it can have a variety of serious seen and unseen impacts on your business in the short term and long term.

  • Procrastination can result in poor performance and poor customer service.
  • Procrastination can have an effect on client and customer relationships and trust.
  • Procrastination can seriously impact a business’s earning capacity and cash flow.

Cost Of Procrastination To Your Reputation

The high cost of procrastination in your business
The Cost Of Procrastination In Your Spiritual Business 2

There are so many layers to the cost of procrastination in a business, especially in areas of your business where you are not being totally honest with yourself.

Like those tasks, you avoid or delay because you just don’t feel that confident, knowledgeable, or experienced enough.

Or the problems that occur because you just don’t want to do.

The delays to business success because you avoid those tasks you find too boring or too tedious.

Those difficult business challenges you have deep emotional wounding around.

In every area of life, there are tasks we don’t like doing but it is still important that we do them.

As a spiritual business coach said to me many years ago, you need to get those big girl pants on Eileen. Oh how I didn’t like to hear that but how right she was.

The Spiritual Cost Of Procrastination

It is so important that we are fully honest with ourselves in life and business. On some level, procrastination is attached to a certain amount of self-deception and spiritual disconnection. It is a disconnection from the soul and in many ways, it’s the ego of the inner child out to play, who doesn’t want to take adult self-responsibility. But the hard reality is avoidance and delays in business can seriously impact our business reputation, so it is important to address this.

What Is The Cost Of Procrastination To Your Clients?

Sometimes it is easy to oversee how inaction, avoidance, and delay can be impacting our customer service and our authenticity with our clients. Anxiety and fear of waiting for the right time or just hoping certain issues will go away in business can often lead to further challenges. There are times to let things unfold and there are times when it is important to get the job done and address things.

Cost Of Procrastination To Your Cashflow

The cost of procrastination in any business’s cash flow can be huge but often even more so in a small spiritual business or spiritual solopreneur business where the business totally relies on you.

The reality if we like it or not, even in a spiritual business time is money. Time productivity and time management are vital for a healthy and successful business. The heavy cost of procrastination in business from you or even your employees can have a serious impact not just on the day-to-day running of your business, but on cash flow that is vital for business survival

Cost Of Procrastination In Lost Opportunities

As a more soul-aligned spiritual business owner myself, I do believe there can be divine timing to many things in life, and yes at times in business but equally it is so important as spiritual workers that we are being honest with ourselves. One of the reasons it is so important for us to invest in the right coach, healer, or help that will help us see our blind spots.

Being able to shine a light on our areas of self-sabotage and the cost of procrastination in our business can help us see more clearly the areas in our spiritual business where we need to address to improve our success.

Avoiding those boring or challenging tasks delays us from living the life we truly deserve, from living the life we dream of.

Top Tips To STOP The Cost Of Procrastination

Top tips on how to stop procrastination from sabotaging your business success

Create A Healthy Routine And Daily Structure Around Your Circadian Rhythms

A healthy daily structure in your life and your business can help encourage a much healthier and more productive mindset. Design a life and work timetable around your natural circadian rhythms as much as you can. This helps encourages deeper quality of sleep, increased energy levels, and focus. So you will naturally tackle the more difficult challenges or tasks with increased motivation, confidence, and energy. While being able to leave those more boring or easy-to-do tasks at times in the day when your energy levels or focus is not at its strongest.

Build A Deeper Soul Connection

Learning how to build a deeper soul connection with yourself, with your intuition, your higher self, and your god connection is a powerful way to start eliminating procrastination from your life. The more soul aligned you are with your passion and purpose the less likely you are to fall into the sabotaging cost of procrastination.

Be More In The Moment

The more we are in alignment and fully in the moment in our spiritual business, the more presence and awareness we bring into our routine and into our habits and behavior. It is much easier to recognise unhealthy procrastination when we are less stressed, less anxious, and fully present. This also helps us detach more from the ego and become more soul-led in our spiritual business than fear-led.

Learn To Delegate

The reality is no matter how much we wish or try, we cannot be experts in everything in our business. And there are many times in business, the best thing you can do is delegate those difficult tasks to someone more skilled, experienced, or gifted in that area.

There are some simple tasks like writing emails that I often get blocks that I have learned to delegate to a VA. There are many other tasks where I know it is much wiser to contract those tasks out to an expert or to get help from a friend, business coach, or business advisor. The art of delegation is an important business skill, one that the most successful spiritual businesses learn to master.

Rewards For Positive Change

Getting into the habit of rewarding yourself for positive changes and positive habits can help reduce the delaying of tasks you don’t want to do. As the eldest of one of 9 children and from a family business background. I am so grateful for some of the healthier habits that we formed in childhood. From a very early age, we did some really horrible jobs like cleaning toilets in my dad’s factory to earn pocket money.

If we wanted money for new clothes or something special we had to work for it. We didn’t spend what we hadn’t yet earned, we developed good skills around money management and budgeting. Today when it is so easy to get anything you want at the press of a button, many people unconsciously and impulsively reward themself for inaction. Think of those distractions, extra coffee breaks, that extra treat, that is one of the biggest costs of procrastination today.

Do The Inner Work

Like everything in life, running a business is a great way to highlight our shadows, and help us see those areas in our life and business we need to do some deep work on.

Raising more awareness of areas of procrastination in our business can help us see where the wounded healer or wounded child is running the show. Being able to see how our inner child wounding shows up in our spiritual business is a huge gift. As I say to my students we don’t know, what we don’t know, but in many ways more awareness and wisdom are everything.

What is the deeper cost of procrastination in your spiritual business?

If this is an area you need more help with book a heal your magical child session with Eileen.

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