Is your wounded child running your spiritual business or is it the sovereign you? Why your wounded inner child can sabotage your business and marketing. Why your inner child wounding can keep you small, can stop you be more objective, aware, and empowered enough to take the right more mature, and necessary action in your business.

Running A Spiritual Business

Running a spiritual business isn’t always easy and it definitely isn’t all love and light. In fact, running any business can be one of life’s biggest joys and biggest challenges. It can be one of the biggest ways to highlight our shadow traits, our inner victim, our inner wounded child.

Don’t get me wrong there are some aspects of running a spiritual business where your inner child, especially your magical child can really help you leap forward.

But what if it is your wounded child that shows up with the wounded child’s perspective, it can really prevent you from running a healthy and successful business.

One of mine was the victim, the inability to be mature enough to stand up to very challenging situations in business. In too many cases I lost a lot of money not being able to stand strong and be assertive enough to deal with unfair situations.

We all have the wounded child, the victim, the saboteur within us, but if the wounded child is showing up more than the sovereign you, it can cause a lot of damage not just in our personal lives and in our work but the way our business functions, the way we show up or don’t show up in our marketing.

Signs Your Wounded Child Maybe Running Your Business

You’re Treating Your Business Like A Hobby Or A Pastime.

Are you treating your business as a hobby, do you only work when you want to work and only do the things you want to do? Maybe avoiding or ignoring the important aspects of a healthy successful business? It is so easy to make your business all about your passion but if your wounded child doesn’t want to take self-responsibility it can get you into all sorts of issues.

You’re Attracted To Everyone Else’s Magic And Struggle To Value Your Gifts.

You spend a large amount of time attracted to or even envious of other people’s gifts or other people’s business. You waste valuable time and energy focusing on or wanting to be like someone else and not truly owning, valuing, or focusing on sharing your own most beautiful life and soul gifts.

You’re Easily Offended By Clients That Are Not Happy Or Disagree With You

You tend to take things too personally in business, you go in the huff, get very defensive, or want to run away when your clients or students are not happy or disagree with something you said or did or didn’t do. Instead of facing the situation head-on in a more calm, objective, and mature way. Maybe you are stuck in the shadow aspects of the eternal child.

You Just Want Everyone To Like Or Love You

You treat your business and your audience like celebrity fans, you do anything or everything just to be liked and loved. You are scared to be open and honest about things that really matter to you and your business. You get really upset when someone unsubscribes from your mailing list or your Facebook, Instagram, or tick-tock likes go down.

You Think Everyone and Anyone Is Your Ideal Client

You think because you have the solution to a certain problem everyone and anyone with that problem is your ideal client and should want your products/services. Common examples of this in the industry are when you try to be everything to everyone, or when you don’t realise how it is important that the client feel’s aligned. My eyes would roll every time I heard coaches or teachers say to their potential audience “well if you are not willing to invest in this program…. you don’t really want to help yourself”. Yes, some clients don’t want to invest in things that may help them, they can make all sorts of excuses. But sometimes your programs or sessions are not perfect for that client. And that is okay.

You Make Your Business And Products All About You

When you build a business all about me rather than around you the needs and wants of your ideal clients or soul clients. Your own resistance, stubbornness, self-determination, or pride to do things your way gets in the way of the success of your business.

You’re Constantly Stuck In a Victim Mentality

Your inner child trauma is keeping you stuck in a victim response or victim mentality. It is holding you back from taking the necessary action to move from victimhood into your own hero. This can show up in all sorts of ways from senses of expectation, entitlement, and common thought patterns “it’s not fair”, “everyone gets it easier than me”, “nothing goes right for me”

Your Coming From An Energy Of Entitlement Than Gratitude

Your eternal child wounding expects and believes everything thing should be more be easy, more instant, or even free. Any expectations where you think others should be supporting, helping you, or doing more for you? You are taking for granted or don’t appreciate or value all the free resources and free promotional opportunities that are available for you.

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