Why good intuition and discernment are so important if you are a lightworker doing spiritual work. Signs of good intuition and good discernment. And signs where you need to work on developing your intuition and discernment muscles more.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is the ability to get certain information, message, and a sense of knowing something, without any clear evidence or conscious reasoning. In many ways, intuition is a very personal thing, how we process those intuitive messages is often unique to us as an individual.

What is Good Intuition?

Good Intuition or a highly intuitive person is usually someone who can read a situation, place, or person very well. They often pick up on subtle cues and energetic differences that most people don’t notice. But in many ways on some level, good intuition is a subjective perspective, the level of intuition one has, and the level of accuracy one perceives may be different to what one believes. Because it is not always an easy thing to examine and test for accuracy for so many reasons.

A highly intuitive person tends to get highly intuitive messages on a daily basis. They are usually highly sensitive and highly empathic to the world around them. So they just know when something is not what it may appear or are naturally open to intuitive messages.

Why Intuition Is So Vital If You're A Healer
Why Good Intuition Is So Important For Lightworkers 5

What is Good Discernment?

Good discernment is the ability to judge well, spiritual discernment is the gift in many ways of spiritual wisdom, the ability to discern truth, discern from illusions and falsehoods, dark and light. Good intuition requires a high level of discernment and spiritual discernment. The ability to discern what is our intuition from our own fears or our own interpretation or level of awareness and insight into a situation.

Why Good Intuition And Good Discernment Is So Important For Healers, Spiritual Workers

Doing any sort of healing or spiritual work is an honour, it is a role that requires a high level of spiritual integrity so we always do what is best for the client or student. On so many levels this requires a high level of discernment and of course and many times a good level of intuition. But the reality is like everything for some people intuitive skills and spiritual discernment can take time to master. And in many ways, it is something we all need to master.

As someone who has been a client and student of so many in the holistic and spiritual field for over 30 years. I have met many with extraordinary intuitive and psychic gifts, wisdom and discernment. But I also experienced the other side of other people’s intuitive judgements, which were not so wise or healthy. Especially around my health, more than a few were very sure of what they believed when actually some were potentially harmfully wrong.

I believe we don’t use our intuition enough and it is a skill we should be cultivating more from a young age. But I think intuition in spiritual work must come with spiritual discernment, in many ways wisdom. Like many people with these types of experiences, on too many occasions I didn’t say anything, because I did not want to hurt their feelings. And then in other situations, the truth wouldn’t become clear to later.

But I realise now that on so many levels I wasn’t doing them, myself or their future clients any favours. In fact, by not speaking my truth and allowing them to believe they were right and accurate when they were not. I was encouraging unhealthy practices within a sector that on so many levels is under-regulated.

We All Have The Power To Be Highly Intuitive

Don’t get me wrong I believe we all have the potential and gifts within to be highly intuitive and spiritually discerning, more than many of us can ever imagine. But the reality is like lots of things our intuition and discernment skills are something that needs to be harnessed, mastered and practised.

And sometimes the information we get for ourselves comes through very differently for other people. I believe in many ways it is far more important to help clients and students be more intuitive than ever relying on ours. And never ever assume that our intuition is 100 right and of course, for us to really develop our own intuitive skills and discernment, before advising or teaching other people. Like many coaches and healers, I have spent decades studying and working on this area, even though I would say I was always naturally intuitive. So tend to know the areas of my life I am extremely intuitive about and areas that I am not always crystal clear about. It is one of the reasons I choose to use some intuitive nudges in work but never others and always use the information to ask deeper questioning than telling, predicting or diagnosing.

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Why Is Intuition So Underused?

We live in a world where we are taught and conditioned daily to give over our power to other people’s ideologies, beliefs even control. We live in structured systems that discourage us from being free thinkers never mind highly intuitive or spiritually discerning. A world, where today 56most people get their reality and answers from artificial intelligence.

It is one of the reasons many people today believe almost anything and everything they are told by the television (tell-lie-vision). And rarely take the time to do their own research or even know how.

I think in many ways as a whole, society, especially in the west has got mentally lazy and so spiritually disconnected is one of the main reasons why so many people lack critical thinking skills and give over self-responsibility to others for their lives, their health, our s8ociety, and our world.

Intuition And The Spiritual Worker

The reality is when someone seeks help from us spiritually or holistically as a role as spiritual healer or spiritual teacher or spiritual coach that individual is coming from a place of vulnerability. They are coming to you with a problem and are putting their trust in you. They often simply assume you have the skills and insight that come with the role that you are projecting out into the world and onto them.

On an unconscious level, the client or student gives over their power to you even if they are not aware of that or mean to do so. As they are trusting aspects of their life, health or even spirituality with you. They are often letting you help lead them out of a situation, for this reason, good intuition and good discernment combined are vital. This includes having enough intuition and discernment about what clients you are a perfect fit for and who you are not.

Good Discernment And Intuition

Today good discernment and intuition should be a prerequisite to so many things, especially those things we are taught. For example, I remember early on my healing journey being taught so many things about healing and certain modalities that just didn’t feel right. So when I began teaching these modalities instead of saying this is the truth, I would say this is what I was taught but what if… To help open the student up to possible other views and truths they may have not considered.

Years later I would be a witness to so many other types of evidence that would prove what I was taught was not the full truth or full picture I would also learn how I saw the world, spirituality and healing would evolve and change as I evolved and changed.

Why Most People’s Intuition Is So Underdeveloped

One of the things that have become so apparent over the last few years is how much of the general population seems to be really disconnected from their intuition and inner guidance. So many lightworkers and spiritual teachers are not excluded from this,

No one gets everything right, but why were so many spiritually disconnected, even hi-jacked? Especially over a long-term situation, that went on for so long, that demonstrated so many signs that things were energetically off.

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Why Good Intuition Is So Important For Lightworkers 7

FEAR And Intuition

Well of course FEAR, human fear can be a big factor that interferes with our intuition and spiritual discernment. Fear is extremely debilitating and has the power to override not just our spiritual sense but sadly at times our soul and sense of what is right and wrong.

I know so many lightworkers who regret certain decisions they made and the views they had over the last few years. But what concerned me the most was those really unhealthy decisions they made because their spiritual guides told them to do so. Which they now regret. To me, no true guide of the light would ever tell someone to make any dangerous or unhealthy situation. So what has really been going on?

To me, this is a common cause of spiritual and soul disconnection, where they don’t always know how to discern what is from the light, their own ego (fear) or something else. When our soul connection, soul power and relationship to our higher self and god/the light are not that strong we are much easier misled. More likely to be hi-jacked energetically to someone or something else.

Good Intuition Helps Us Navigate Through The Most Difficult Of Situations

Good intuition helps us navigate the most difficult times with greater ease, it helps us make better, wiser decisions. It can help us take the road less travelled when we need to. As no matter how difficult it may be, it is coming from a strong sense of self. I thank god and in many ways my dad for owning and using my intuition in most of the decisions I make. Of course, I am human and sometimes I forget to check-in. But it is the No 1 thing I use to make those big decisions in life. And it is something that is extremely important in doing any sort of spiritual work and when working with clients.

It is something that we all need to keep utilising and developing to keep in top shape. And like everything in life, there can be areas of our life where we are more easily hi-jacked, where our intuition can be easily swayed. Knowing what areas of your life you are easily seduced or triggered by can be a big clue. We all have our weaknesses and vulnerabilities but the more we build a strong sense of self, a deeper soul connection and the ability to be still. Intuition will flow more naturally and clearly.

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