Exploring the power of gratitude in business, especially a heart-based business.

This month I celebrated 24 years in business.

In 2000 after spending over 7 years largely housebound and at times bedbound, The World Of Health was born.

Back then my biggest drive and motivation in my business was


I had such a great desire to be of purpose I hated having to depend on others and the system. 

To Empower/Educate Others 

I was already educating everyone around me about how to live a more organic and natural approach to health and wellbeing. And I wanted to inspire others.

Because I knew from my own life how easily your health, well-being, and a feeling of purpose could be taken away in the blink of an eye. 

I learned the hard way, how toxic and distorted our health and medical system was. 

How important it was to take self-responsibility for the lifestyle and health choices we made every day.

Power of Gratitude In Business, Gratitude in a spiritual business
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Gratitude In Business For Those Who Support Us

But my biggest gratitude, my deepest appreciation was the loan I got from a local company called Motherwell Bridge.

I had so many rare health challenges, including one that meant I wasn’t even entitled to life insurance at the time. That no bank would give me even a small loan. I was too high a risk.

But luckily I was given help to apply for a small loan from Motherwell Bridge a local and famous Scottish engineering company.

I will never forget the tears of gratitude and appreciation, I had and the emotional reaction one of the men had when I couldn’t hold back the tears. 

It is so hard to describe the appreciation as it was paved with a deep underlying sadness of deep struggle and loss that I had experienced as a young adult.

While at the same time, it felt like a ticket to freedom, to someone who had felt so long like a bird trapped in a cage of her own body. This was freedom to me.

The Power Of Gratitude In Business

Every day I can honestly say I am grateful for my business, even those tough days.

Because my business gave me purpose, at a time when I was not employable.

My business gave me my independence after having no choice but to become dependent on others.

Something that I have always struggled with.

Gratitude In Business For Your Clients and Customers

That is why I am so grateful for you my clients, my students, my supporters, engagers, and readers because you all make up part of my business story.

The energy of gratitude in business is so important, just like the energy of appreciation in every area of our lives.

I would love to hear what you are grateful about your business today.

Pop over to Facebook or Instagram and let me know about my post about gratitude.

Energy Of Gratitude In Your Business, the power of gratitude
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3 Daily Tips To Increase Gratitude In Business


Make a list of the different types of freedom your business gives you. One of the biggest areas of gratitude in business for most entrepreneurs is that they have the freedom to align their business with their core values and ethics. They get to live and work on their terms, choosing what type of work they do and who they work with. Also, a healthy successful business can give someone so much freedom to make all sorts of life choices that you may not have been able to make being an employee.


Focusing on your passions within your business is a great way to ignite and reignite gratitude in business. Being able to do something you feel very passionate about, a business that is aligned with what you love fills your heart and soul. I know doing a job that I love has helped me through some of my hardest and deepest life challenges.


Appreciating every client, student, or customer who has invested in you is a powerful way to boost appreciation and gratitude in business. In a world that is always focusing on the next best thing, the next client, the next sale. It is so easy to forget that every customer or client who has invested in you has supported you and your life in some way. This is what a true heart-based business is all about.

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