Is Your Marketing Campaign A Rocket Or A Damp Squib?

How To Rocket Your Sales With An Effective Marketing Campaign For Your Spiritual Business without Failing to Launch.

Marketing is a major part of any business even the smallest business. In fact, so many healing and therapy businesses don’t get off the ground because of very little or very poor marketing and advertising.

Why Therapists Struggle To Create An Effective Marketing Campaign

Effective Marketing Strategies A recent small survey I did on the biggest struggles therapists and coaches faces demonstrated clearly why so many therapists aren’t getting enough clients.

60% of participants were holistic therapists and despite 93.3% saying their biggest challenge was attracting the right clients, 33.3% did not invest any money in their marketing. Only 46.67% invested between 1 to 10% of their income and marketing.

53.3% did not take any business or marketing training, and 80% did not outsource any of their business and marketing requirements. This is very revealing about how many holistic therapists approach their business and marketing.

Is A Low Marketing Budget Destroying Your Holistic Business?

In some ways, I shouldn’t be surprised as I have tried to help countless therapists and coaches over the years who seemed to think there was some sort of magic wand to getting clients without certain types of financial or marketing investments.

The truth is many spiritual and holistic business owners simply don’t even think they are running a business. They see their business as more of a vocation, but the reality is if you are working to make a profit, you are a business owner.  And a healthy successful business needs an effective marketing campaign that will keep generating leads and client conversions.

Business Income Versus Business Profit

As a self-employed therapist and coach for many years, I was lucky that I came from a family business background, so I knew the stark reality of running a business.

Equally, I had other extreme challenges as someone with rare and chronic health challenges and disabilities which impacted different areas of my business and earning capacity.  I knew the basic principles of running a successful business which included the right investment of time, energy, money, and marketing.

I understood that what you bring in is very rarely anywhere near the profit you take out. In fact, in some recent research, I did on the average profits of a holistic healthcare clinic an average healthy profit from most therapy clinics is only between 15-40% of net income.

Now every holistic business is completely different, It can depend on what you are selling and what you are selling those services for, and your other outgoings.

Energy healing modalities such as reiki are extremely popular,  quick, and easy to learn,  with low-cost training, low insurance, and very little professional equipment needed compared to many other modalities in the holistic industry that can require years of study and thousands of pounds.

Why You Need A Healthy Marketing Campaign

So if you want to bring in a healthy income to your business it is fair to say you need to attract enough of the right clients who will invest in your services.

That is why investing in an effective marketing campaign is one of the most important ways to grow your business.

A successful marketing campaign that is aligned with your business brand so you can stand out.

Especially when there has been an explosion of people training in coaching healing and complementary therapies over the last 20 years.

I remember in 1990 having to travel over 25 miles to a reiki healer.  Now you can find thousands of healers ll different types of healers in my local and surrounding areas.

So it is important to stand out and be highly visible to your ideal audience,  know how to market effectively be in the right places, and on the right social media platforms where your potential clients hang out.

Creating A Marketing Campaign With A Bang

When you launch your therapy business, especially a holistic clinic, you want to enter the market with a bang. This is to spark initial interest and bring in an instant cash flow.

You need both a short-term marketing and full-time marketing fountain to keep present clients’ attention and to constantly draw more clients in.

Too many businesses start off with some little bangers or sparklers of interest and then nothing, so their business is completely forgotten. This is a particularly common problem with coaches & therapists marketing on Facebook.

They might have a great rocket launch, attracting hundreds of fans, but if they don’t continue to do the right promotional activities they can lose the initial engagement they had with their initial marketing campaign.

So your marketing has to include a bit of an initial rocket, a clearly focused marketing launch that makes an impact. But equally continues with effective aligned marketing strategies that keep burning, that keep building up trust and connection.

Like a firework display, you may want a few comets; a few marketing events that only happen on special occasions, a few Catherine wheels; like some consistency in your branding where your message is continually being repeated.  Especially as some consumers need up to 21 touchpoints before they buy.

So start planning and investing in a marketing plan that will skyrocket your sales before Christmas, it is a great time to grab the attention of potential lifetime clients.

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