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About Eileen, Spiritual Marketing Club

The Spiritual Marketing Club helps spiritual coaches, healers, therapists, and teachers shine their magic in their marketing. Powerful spiritual and marketing courses and mentoring for heart-based holistic and spiritual business owners who want to live their life and soul purpose. For Coaches, Healers, and Therapists who want to attract not just ideal clients and soul clients.

The Spiritual Marketing Club is provided by  Eileen Burns, a self-employed spiritual and holistic business owner of approx 20  years. A therapist, coach, healer, and trainer with over 28 years of experience studying holistic well-being. Who built her own business The World of Health & Stress Coach Training through online marketing. Eileen understands the challenges of being a holistic business owner. And knows how to successfully create a powerful marketing image that resonates with soulful clients.

Like you, I am a heart-based business owner, a healer, coach, and therapist who has faced many business and personal challenges. As a disabled woman entrepreneur owner who has lived with rare and complex health challenges, since very young, my life and business journey has certainly not been the easiest.  But I am still here to tell the tales and to share my lessons and insights. After spending approx 7 years in my twenties predominately housebound and bedbound, having threatened eye loss and other serious, rare, and chronic conditions. I started my holistic business in 2000 which started as an online mail-order and holistic information service, online and published directory for holistic practitioners. While I built up my strength and skills in healing, therapy, and coaching,  I now offer an online training school for therapists and the Spiritual Marketing Club.

If you are a spiritual healer, coach, or therapist who is totally motivated by passion and purpose. Who has spent years studying, practicing and developing your skills and are ready to up-level?  Ready to not just help clients but work with your soul tribe. My spiritual marketing courses, sessions, and spiritual marketing  club sessions and courses have been created for you.

healers find your soul purpose

With so many people moving into the healing, holistic, and spiritual sector it can be a struggle trying to stand out from the crowd. Especially if you don’t have thousands of pounds to market your products and services.

In the Spiritual Marketing Club Programs, I teach you and support you to not only stand out but identify your unique gifts, your most powerful gifts. I then help you identify your soul clients, your soul tribe, the clients that want, need, and will pay for your products and services.

I want to help save you the thousands of pounds and years so many healers and coaches waste on the wrong approaches. By sharing many of the lessons I gained from 20 years using online marketing in my experience. And another 40 years family business background experience passed down from my father and grandfather.

As a healer and coach, I understand the importance of not just effective marketing and branding, but the power of archetypal marketing and spiritual marketing.

  • If you are constantly struggling to attract the right ideal clients?
  • Unsure how to market your gifts effectively?
  • Unsure how to create an effective social media campaign?
  •  Don’t want to use sleazy or dishonest sales tactics common today.

 I can help”

My courses and sessions are specifically tailored for you

Building a business takes the right skills and the right resources. Just like learning your coaching or therapy skills, you develop these over many years. You can often do this most effectively with the right tools, the right training.

Too often it is the most dedicated,  highly gifted, and experienced therapists and healers that struggle in business. Those whose main motivation is to be of service and do no harm. That they spend years investing in the right or extensive training. And more time focusing on developing your healing, coaching, or therapy skills. You haven’t given as much attention to the other important elements and foundations that build a healthy business.

They are often skilled in so many areas or told so many different things by the different training they do. They are unsure how to niche, unsure of their greatest gifts, the gifts they are really here to share and own.

With such a massive increase of coaches, healers, and therapists moving into the wellbeing and spiritual sector. It is more important than ever that you learn how to stand out from the crowd.

And even wiser to identify what your greatest gifts are, what you are really here to do at this time.

  • I can help you identify more of your unique gifts

  • I can help save you thousands of pounds, hours and stress

  • I offer you fantastic support, motivation and inspiration

  • As a nurturer, giver I always over-deliver on my services

Today a large part of your professional credibility relies on the way you market yourself online. As someone who dedicated my life to being the best coach, healer, and therapist I could be. I know how important and valuable this is. Online marketing is something I have helped many holistic and spiritual business over the years with. It is something I have studied for over 20 years. Spiritual and archetypal marketing is something I began to study about 10 years ago.

Too often the most highly gifted,  trained, and experienced therapists and healers are the ones of struggle.

1. Because their main drive is to be of service and to do no harm, so they tend to spend everything they can on extensive training.

2. The other reason is because of poor business and marketing strategies.

I am here to help take the stress out of identifying your gifts, your niche, and marketing your business.


Happy Clients and Customers

“I can definitely with all honesty say that Eileen is a miracle worker. The identify and attract your soul client course is absolutely fantastic. I have had the most amazing ah ha moments because of it. She has succeeded where a lot of others have failed and I am now so clear on my ideal client, my abilities and so so much more. If there were more than five stars I would give them. Thank you Eileen for a wonderful, brilliant and extremely informative course.”

*****  Debora Watts, Silverlight Healing

Identify Your Soul’s Gifts’ meditation and workbook is very powerful. The guided meditation was so relaxing, and it helped me look at my life from a new (and less painful) perspective. It made me realise that I have been neglecting one of my major gifts and I need to think about how I can bring this back into my life. It also made me see my major life challenges differently, in a way that strengthens me and gives me purpose, as I can use my experience to help others in a genuine and soulful way.

*****  Jen, Real Life Reiki

“This lady is amazing! Both Eileen and The Spiritual Marketing club have been a huge support and an effective resource in helping me to set up and establish my small online business. Eileen has taught me about the different archetypes and helped me to understand what my main archetype is and how to use that knowledge to attract more soul clients. Through learning about effective branding and the use of colours and symbols, I have been able to easily attract customers who are aligned with my products and services. The units about creating lead magnets and social media marketing have been invaluable in helping me to grow my social media following and increase sales. My holistic design business was only established six months ago but it is going from strength to strength. On a more personal level, Eileen has kept me on my toes and nudged me out of my comfort zone but at the same time, she is always so supportive. Highly recommended.”

***** Claire Lavin Rice, Heart Space 4 Kids & Heart Space Studio






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