7 Social Media Marketing Ideas For Healers that help attract soul clients and increase engagement. Social Media Content helps nurture deeper connection and trust with your audience in a deeply spiritual way.

One of the biggest struggles most spiritual businesses have in their marketing is trying to think of what type of content to post on their social media. I meet many healers and spiritual coaches who tell me they spend hours each month trying to think of content to post that will be relevant to their audience.

In fact many have wasted trying everything and anything, hoping something will land, something will work.

Too many hope, pray and guess who their ideal clients or soul clients are. And are never really sure of their clients or of their zone of genius.

So they spend a lot of time and even money trying to attract an audience that is often NOT their ideal clients or soul clients. Or not focusing on the main problem they solve, their unique zone of genius. It is so important that you know your zone of genius and who your ideal clients and soul clients are. If not get help in this area my Identify & Attract Your Soul Clients Course help you start to really unlock and identify your unique gifts and your unique soul clients.

The next step is to start creating social media marketing content that will attract and engage your audience. If you are a healer, spiritual coach or spiritual teacher just like your skills, your experience, your personality even archetypal traits can be what attracts your ideal audience to you. So you what to create content that is aligned with what aspects of you and your products they are aligned with.

Here are 7 Social Media Marketing Content ideas that can help you have a more holistic marketing and spiritual marketing approach to your business.

Top Social Media Marketing Post Ideas For  Spiritual Business Owners

7 Social Media Marketing Post Ideas For The Spiritual Business

Here are 7 useful social media marketing ideas for healers that really encourage engagement on your posts. And generally, the better engagement you have on your posts the more likely Facebook is likely.

Soul Deep Videos: Videos that explain what you do, who you do it for or with, and why. Why they should come to you. Those videos where you speak your truth, demonstrate or share your gifts, your level of experience, level of awareness, level of depth, your own journey, your own awakening, and your own challenges.

Soul Deep Blogs, Posts Blogs and posts that connect with your ideal clients, soul clients on a deep soul level. Think about your audience’s biggest pain points, their daily emotional, physical, and mental struggles. Blogs that demonstrate your level of awareness, empathy, compassion, and own personal experiences with the issues they have.

Polls and Quizzes – Polls and quizzes are a great way to get social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin… Create quizzes around topics your audience is interested in example their favourite crystal, favourite essential oil, favourite yoga pose, their astrology sign, their favourite spiritual book, and favourite style of meditation.

Tip Of The Week: Share tips of the week related to your area of expertise. Demonstrate to your audience you are the go-to person for that particular pain point, that particular niche. Top tips show your audience you genuinely care and want to help.

Spiritual Infographics, Wellbeing Infographics – Wellbeing infographics, self-care infographics and spiritual infographics are great to encourage engagement and are often the type of media more of your audience are likely to share with their friends or family.

Memes: Thought-provoking or funny memes can be a great way to get an important message through to your audience, make sure you brand them in your colours and fonts.

Social Media Content For Healers, Spiritual Coaches

Podcast: So many people listen to podcasts today. Sharing your own podcast is a great way to build better connections and trust with your audience. Sharing other podcasts your audience is interested in is another way to show your audience you care. Valuable content like this gives your audience a reason to come back to your page. You can now add your podcast rrs feed onto Facebook, you can share your podcast links to all your social media.

The Key Component Of Social Media Marketing

The key component of any social media marketing plan is about building connections and trust. That involves showing evidence that you have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to help solve the problems your audience has. And having a good strong powerful brand that stands out and is easy to remember.

Social Media is all about providing content that is valuable, engaging, educational, and entertaining. A mixture of different types of valuable and engaging social media content to suit your audience.

Which I know can take up a lot of headspaces and time. That is why I have created over 111 Social Media Post Ideas to save you time, money, energy and stress. 111+ social content ideas that will help you not just increase your engagement but grow your spiritual business. DOWNLOAD TODAY

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