Attracting The Right Clients?

Who are your Right Clients? Your Ideal Clients or even Soul Clients? The biggest challenge in any business is attracting enough clients, especially the right clients.

If you are a coach, counsellor, healer, or any type of well-being practitioner you want to attract the right clients not just any clients. Why, because every client will never be your ideal client or perfect client.  A person will come to a coach, healer, or therapist for all sorts of reasons, particularly who they resonate with. But the reality is every client or customer wants the best person for the job, the person who is most likely to solve their problem often in the most effective, shortest, or most cost-effective time.

The Wrong Healers

My own health journey so far involved over 30 years of trying too many healers, therapists, coaches that were the wrong healer, coach, or therapists for me. Even though there were too many to remember on my last those can actually remember were over 90 people. Now, these sessions were not just one-off’s quite a few were a few years. The reality was they were NOT THE BEST practitioners for me. In too many cases, I would have been just as well put my money down the toilet. Some were simply not qualified enough, some experienced enough, or aware enough to realise that I was not their ideal client. The more experienced and wiser were always honest and would say I am not sure but I will try if you want or would suggest someone else with more areas of expertise.

Even things like reiki stopped having any effect on me even though I was a reiki healer and reiki master, teacher for many years in-fact trained in this in the early 90’s. But as a very highly sensitive empath, I found myself starting to pick up too much of the healer’s own stuff when they were sending me or doing healing on me.

I think in many ways I was being guided towards other forms of healing that have been far more effective and even safer especially in preventing complex side effects that can come when mercury or lyme tries to leave the body. I admit my journey and my symptoms were never straight forward for any healer. But along my journey, I had also very simple to treat issues that were being wrongly treated by a very distorted myth especially worn by too many wounded healers, that a healer is there to heal everyone.

Every Client Deserve The Right Healer Or Therapist

The reality is every client deserves the right healer, therapist, or coach for their needs when possible. Not approaches that make you so sick, you have very serious relapses, one nearly cost me my eye, and one detox recommended contributed to me losing 3 teeth.

Now in my case part of the problem was despite being a healer myself I didn’t know the full picture. I knew I had a rare condition since childhood knew I was mercury poisoned, had a hole in the back of my eye, and had a diagnosis of M.E in my early twenties but didn’t realise the bites I had a 14 were actually ticked bites. According to testing  35 years later in Germany and the States, I had late-stage Lyme and co-infections which actually many therapeutic and even healing approaches were so wrong for. But even the conditions I already had most were trying to treat and help me with the totally wrong perspective because they didn’t have the right skills or expertise. Most were taught as healers or practitioners that their modalities could help almost everything or anyone so with that view felt that they were perfectly qualified to help me.

The reality was I was investing too much in the wrong healers, therapists. I was often buying into what they were taught at college, taught by something the read about, or was told. But not what they actually knew to be true. This has been a very costly but valuable lesson in my life and business because ever client or customer deserves the right product or service when possible.


The Right Clients For You

The facts are no matter how qualified you are, you are not perfect for every client. It may be your experience, your skills, training, knowledge, or even your personality or values. That is why it is important every holistic and spiritual business should know their right clients.

But if you don’t know your right clients, your niche market you are wasting a lot of time and energy. As some marketers would put it recently “you are *issing in the wind” lol. If you can guess its missing a  very large P. Especially today, when clients have so much choice. It is so easy for them to get overwhelmed with the number of practitioners trying to promote or sell their products or services to them.

But when you know your niche, know inside out your ideal audience who you can best serve things get so much easier for you and your clients. Your business gets simpler and more effective so does your marketing.

what type of healer are you


The Power Of Being Honest About The Right Clients For You

The clients that want you, are often not the same as the clients who want to go to your friend who practices the same modalities as you. So don’t market yourself the same as everyone else and don’t try to market to everyone. This is still one of the most common and biggest marketing mistakes many businesses make. Be you, be authentic in your business and marketing, now more than ever your clients want to know you and what makes you and your business unique.

Just think of why we choose a mobile phone over another; price, style, credibility, durability, functions, ease of use, extras. Clients are all unique and will go to a coach or therapist if they can offer that solution, if they connect, like them, value them…

This is a time when sometimes you need to get honest with yourself and see what clients you can best serve right now or how you can best serve a particular client you really want to help but don’t have all the answers of expertise. It is important to dream big and know what you can do to help them, but also have the confidence in being honest with clients what you know you can definitely help them with and maybe areas you will try.

Then it is all about building strong foundations in your business, focus on what you can do for clients with a specific issue, maybe it’s just less pain, stress, improved nutrition. Once you have built up client trust, clients especially those with more complex issues have a more likely to let you try out a few things if they are done in a more safe and controlled way.


So Who are Your Right Clients? Would you love to explore this more?

I share this and more in my Free Course – What is a Soul Client?  But if you are really ready to step up in your business and marketing. Not just interested in focusing on ideal clients and soul clients but learn how to market to them in a more powerful and effective way. 


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