Who is YOUR Right Clients?

The biggest challenges ANY BUSINESS is attracting potential clients and even more so the right clients.

If you are coach, counsellor, healer or any type of well-being practitioner clients will come for all sorts of reasons particularly who they resonate with and who is qualified to treat or help them with that specific problem

But if you don’t know your right clients, your niche market your wasting a lot of time and energy as one client put it recently “you are *issing in the wind” lol. Especially when more than every clients are so overwhelmed with the amount of practitioners trying to sell their services.

The clients that want you, wont be the same as the clients who want to go to your friend, so don’t market yourself the same as everyone else and don’t try to market to everyone, this is the biggest marketing mistake many business makes. Just think of why we choose a mobile phone over another; price, style, credibility, durability, functions, ease of use, extras. Clients are all unique and will go to a coach or therapist if they can offer that solution, if they connect, like them, value them…

This is a time when therapists and coaches need to get honest with their self and meet their client where they are right now, in their journey as a therapist and in their own life, not where they wish they were. When your honest about where you are, you can grow from that, but if your in denial you will constantly have challenges.

Are you trying to walk before you can crawl?

Are you trying to self yourself as a top end high coach or therapist charging what you don’t spend yourself?

Are you truly walking the talk?

Are you investing in your health, well-being and spiritual development, mastering yourself and your skills?

If not how can you ask other’s to invest the same?

Do you feel you should be more successful than you are?

Are you working from fear, something that worked before isn’t working or you aren’t where you thought you would be?  So your now trying anything or everything, I have been there I have got the t-shirt, this isn’t always a good idea, go back to the drawing board focus on what has worked, what your great and passionate about but do it differently.

Or are you charging too little or too much?

There is such a huge divide in the holistic market where some of the most powerful highly experienced healers and therapists charge very little to others who charge extra-ordinary prices and in reality they just aren’t that good or experienced. Then we have the crazy coaching market where many people who do a few days courses can honestly think they can charge hundreds of pounds offering very little, the coaching industry is sliding fast as it’s saturated with many many coaches with inflated ego’s promising clients the world.

You have to be authentic, clients are often a huge reflection of you in their challenges, their circumstances, clients are people who can really relate to you. What challenges have you overcome or are living with? Be yourself, don’t try to be anyone else or like everyone else, that is where true value lies.  If your not honest in your work, it manifests into all sorts of problems.

I for years focused on the corporate market because of my qualifications in stress management but they were never my clients all these types of contracts and proposals were a constant headache, I am nurturer, a carer, a giver, a teacher who helps empower others, my work always grew arms and legs teaching in the health education and charity sectors, where I worked with many vulnerable groups those people who lived with chronic life challenges like myself. I had a strong business background but hated charging and would simply refuse work if it didn’t feel right or fit with my values. But in certain other area’s work I was hitting my head off a brick wall.

So in the work I do as Spiritual Business Coach my ideal client is the therapist or healer who doesn’t do it for the money but totally from the heart, those that truly want to dedicate their life to be the best therapist they can be, those that deserve to be far more successful in business that what they are

So Who is Your Clients?

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