Healers, Spiritual Teachers, Why your energy needs to be in your marketing and branding. Why you need to make sure your marketing represents you not the energy of your social media assistant.

You know one of the things we know that is really important in running a successful and healthy business is not trying to do everything ourselves. We can’t possibly be an expert in everything that is why successful businesses hire in other experts or help.

But if you are a healer it is not always that easy to get the right people for your team if you don’t have a big budget. Healers are generally motivated by service, not by money, and unlike many coaches, healers are more likely to undercharge even when they are highly experienced.

Because of this many healers have lower marketing budgets and tend to either sign up for a course with a general marketing coach or hire a VA who may be great at scheduling posts or creating graphics but is not a marketing expert.

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Healers Why YOUR Energy Needs To Be In Your Marketing 5

The Challenges Of Hiring Marketing Help

Now the problem with hiring or doing a course with a general Marketing Coach or even a copywriter who is not a lightworker is that most copywriting and marketing strategies are totally misaligned with the core values of the more spiritual business.

The problem of hiring a VA and passing all your marketing over to them without them understanding you or your work. Is many are not branding or marketing experts and if they have very little understanding of your business or core message, or is someone with different ideologies or beliefs. It can be difficult for them to create content that matches you.

This is a mistake I have personally made more than once when I handed over my social media posts to a student who didn’t really yet understand my teachings or VA who was not a lightworker or healer. They either didn’t really understand the core message of my work or the energy of my business. This is especially important if your niche is very very specific.

On a surface level, they may create fab looking posts, but if the actual images, posts, or even memes they share do not align with your business message. You have a problem. Your branding and marketing have to represent you and your unique message, not your Marketing Guru or VA’s message or energy.

Yes, we have to able to handover as many tasks to others that we can in our business but if you are hiring someone to create posts, banners, promotional material for your business. They need to know not just the colours and fonts of your branding and marketing. They NEED to understand your core message. I think that is why many spiritual teachers hire marketers that have often been their students. Students that have been with them over a long period of time that they understand their work.

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Things To Consider When Hiring In Help For Your Marketing

  1. As a healer or spiritual teacher who works with energy and vibration. The vibration and energetic imprint of your marketing is extremely important. So it has to represent you no one else. So you need to know you and what you, your business represents.
  2. As a teacher or thought leader your words, your message, your teachings have to be crystal clear and precise. Your message, your ideas, and beliefs need to be congruent with the words used in your marketing; the copy you use, the memes, and posts you share or create.
  3. Your audience is attracted to your essence, your uniqueness, your unique traits even your vulnerabilities as well as strengths. Your audience needs to hear, see, feel, sense your uniqueness in your marketing.
  4. If you are charging high-end prices your branding and marketing has to be up to scratch and speak to that audience.

Why You Shouldn’t Hand Over All Of Your Marketing

All of the above is why I believe you should never totally hand over all of your social media marketing or the creation of your branding colours, your fonts, your logo without having some input. Without being crystal clear about your main core message and energy of your marketing.

Your branding and marketing has to speak to your ideal clients and soul clients not your VA’s or your logo creators. That is why sometimes it can be much better for healers to go to a logo or brand creator that on some sort of level is another lightworker or evolved healer. Or an online marketer who specializes in working with healers, someone is highly intuitive and has similar ideas, beliefs, or will understand yours.

It is much easier for someone to get you, your brand, and your message when they understand you, your energy, or message and can sense or feel that energy. One of the reasons many empaths are great artists and creators.

Archetypes Course For Therapists, Healers
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Blocks Around Your Marketing And Branding?

But a lot of healers, spiritual businesses don’t even get to the branding stage. A lot fail to realise how powerful the right marketing and branding can have on their business. Even more spiritual businesses have blocks and/or resistance to marketing themselves or their products. Some fail to take off simply because they have resistance around having to pay to market their services. Something I find very interesting in this industry.

You see I come from a strong family business background, my grandfather and my father set up their own business. Many of my siblings and relatives are self-employed so I know-how important marketing is for a business. Why investing in marketing is a normal part of a business’s survival or growth. But for some reason it is an area where many healers and spiritual businesses have a huge block of resistance.

Why Your Marketing Is The Bridge To Your Audience

Your branding your marketing is the bridge between you and your ideal clients and soul clients? It is the connector that helps you reach your audience, attract your audience. If you have no clear way to reach your audience you don’t have a business. That is why your connector your marketing message has to represent you from the very beginning.

Your Marketing On A Budget

Now when you’re starting as a healer you are still in your own learning and growing period. Like everything in life, it takes time to become more of an expert or master or even to know yourself. The energy, vibration, and level you are working at is going to be different 20 or 30 years from on compared to the first few years of being a healer or coach. But at your core there are key traits within you that will always be there, some of these include Archetypal Traits that is why Archetypal Branding and Marketing can be very helpful when your marketing on a budget.

Using Archetypal Branding In Your Marketing

Now archetypal marketing and branding can really help spiritual businesses demonstrate more of their unconscious energy. Especially if you do the inner work, take the time to dig deep and explore your main archetypes. It can help simplify the main core of any business message but it is definitely not the whole picture.

Most of the healers, spiritual coaches and spiritual creatives I work with are very strong Alchemists. But the reality is every single one has their own unique energetic imprint and vibration, every single one of them has their unique essence and way of working. So even though each of their marketing and branding should represent some sort of alchemist message. Every single alchemist/ magician archetype I work with is very very different.

Different Alchemist Branding And Marketing

To me, some alchemists have very masculine energy, some very feminine. Some alchemists have in their business a very strong mystical feel which I often see as dominant deep purples to midnight blue tones. Other alchemists especially those with a strong sage energy often have old gold or bronze feel to the energy of their business. While other alchemists have a more earthy or very green energy, almost a sprite or fairy-like energy to them. Every single one of them has a unique combination of their main archetypal traits and their unique soul’s gifts. So every one of their branding and marketing has to be unique to them.

That Is Why Healers Your Marketing Message Is Unique

The reality is the more you know and understand yourself and your business, the easier it can be to help create a more powerful branding and marketing campaign. The easier it can be to teach others how to start putting your vibration, your message into your branding and marketing.

Your ideal clients and soul clients are looking for the raw, authentic you and the power of the solution YOU offer in the way you offer. There is only one you and that is why your soul clients, your soul tribe is unique to you.

Archetypes Course For Therapists, Healers
Healers Why YOUR Energy Needs To Be In Your Marketing 7