How To Attract The Christmas Market For Your Spiritual Business

10 ways to capture the Christmas market if you run a holistic business or spiritual business. How to boost sales and reach a much wider audience than your holistic or spiritual business would normally appeal to.

The Festive Market can be a great time for many businesses to not just boost sales but to reach a much wider audience. Marketing is not just about what you are selling, it is about how you promote it, and where you promote it.

So here are some top tips to help you attract more of this festive season.

10 Top Tips To Capture The Christmas Market

Get In Front Of The Right Ideal Audience

During the Christmas market season, your ideal audience will be much wider than the normal ideal audience you normally directly sell to. Because during that time, most people are buying gifts for someone else, not themself.

In the Christmas Market, your buyer is your ideal client’s friend, partner, sibling, parent, or even child. So you need to know who that ideal audience is and show up where that audience will hang out or look for the sort of products or gifts you are offering.

If you are mostly selling online during the Christmas market period make sure you are sharing your offerings in the right type of online spaces, social media platforms such as Facebook Groups. Or that you are using the right keywords on your site so that those customers will find you. Micro summits or micro-events can work for some audiences.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Every single day most of us are bombarded with some sort of selling or promotion. In many ways, we are not just suffering from information overload but advertising overload. The Christmas market takes this to another level, so it is important that you learn to stand out from the crowd to your ideal buyers, especially during the Christmas Season. That your messaging is crystal and your branding is strong.

Share The Benefits

In many ways, selling and marketing are just helping someone see the benefits of your product or service. The why someone should buy your product or service. Share what makes your product or service different from other products or services out in the Christmas market.

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Use Effective Branding

Great branding and marketing can help you stand out to your ideal audience. Archetypal branding and spiritual marketing are great marketing strategies for heart-based and or spiritual service-based businesses. As it helps not just capture the energy of your products but the energy of the person that is providing that service and traits.

This is very important in the coaching, healing, or therapy industry where people want support from those they feel aligned with.

A little bit of Christmas branding on the right products or services during the pre-festive season can help demonstrate to potential customers.

What products or services do you have that would make great Christmas Gifts?

Create Exclusive Christmas gifts or New Year Packages

If you are a therapist, coach, or healer consider creating exclusive packages or sessions marketed with a Christmas or New Year Twist. Luxury Spa Bundles, New Year New You Coaching Programs, and Self Care Therapy Bundles all go down well during the Christmas market. Sometimes you just need to think out of the box or put a little more attention to create a winning Christmas gift bundle. A great way to do that is to a join bundle with other businesses see more below.

Partner Up With Other Businesses

To reach a much wider audience during the Christmas market, consider teaming up with other businesses to help promote each other’s products or services. Collaborate with other businesses to provide gift boxes or gift packages. This can be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a wider audience without having to spend a lot of money on Facebook, Pinterest or Google Ads.

Create Christmas Vouchers

Make sure your audience knows they can buy Christmas gift vouchers for their family and friends for your products and services. If possible make the purchase of these vouchers automated.

Create A Christmas Catalogue

A great way to showcase any Christmas gifts is to create and publish your own Christmas Catalogue there is a variety of online software that can help you create a very glossy-looking professional online Christmas Catalogue. But you can equally create lovely-looking catalogues using software such as Canva.

Hosting A Micro Summit Event To Grow Your Spiritual Business
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Become A Product Ambassador Or Consultant

Christmas can be a great time to add something a little bit different or extra to your business to sell. Especially if you choose products that are very aligned with your business and your ideal audience. As a qualified aromatherapist and someone who has been using mostly natural and organic products for over 25 years. I am an ambassador for Tropic skincare products and makeup and an independent consultant for NYR Organics.

Although I have to be honest I don’t have much time to promote these products, these products are very aligned with the values and challenges of most of my ideal clients and soul clients. Having another business income stream especially one that is generally more passive can be a really good move for any business as you have something to fall back on in quiet or challenging times.

Showcase Your Goods At Your Local Christmas Market

There are so many Christmas markets at this time showcasing your products and services, so your local Christmas market is a great way to promote your business and reach a wider audience. Your local market is also a great way to network and build up new connections with other businesses and the local community.

More Tips To Boost Your Income In The Festive Season

If you would like more Tips To Boost Your Income During The Christmas Market check out one of my older blogs How To Earn Cash For Christmas – Therapists & Coaches. Or sign up for my session – Boost Your Spiritual Business Income This Christmas And New Year

Hosting A Micro Summit Event To Grow Your Spiritual Business
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