How to stay empowered in a financial crisis.

We all know money is a form of energy, a form of exchange, and before money, we exchanged different forms of resources. But on a 3d level money has been the main currency we have been using for many years to receive the things we need to physically survive, not just thrive.

So it is not surprising how much a financial crisis collectively and a financial crisis personally can hit home at a very root energetic, survival level. Because at a conscious and unconscious level, we know how much of the 3d world we are used to is based on the manipulation of money and abusive power structures.

But the reality is the looming financial crisis is exposing these power structures, these financial institutions at a whole new level.

What is a Financial Crisis?

A financial crisis is regarded as a situation of sudden serious financial loss, such as a loss of business, income, property, savings, stocks, shares, retirement, or health insurance.

Causes Of Financial Crisis

Common causes of a financial crisis are financial market crashes, inflation, recessions, wars, and widespread credit issues.

At the moment we are seeing widespread financial crises from abuse and manipulation of power that has gone on by the banking institutes for more than most realise. Along with other collective issues from the handling of the Covid 19 Pandemic, present wars, and the 2030 agenda.

The World Is Waking Up

But this time the masses are starting to wake up. This financial crisis is finally waking people up especially those that have been fast asleep to power-hungry institutions. The awakened are seeing through the veil of illusions, finally seeing the darker side of the magician, the abuser, and the controller archetypes playing out through the government and financial institutions.

Despite all the lies, gaslighting, censorship, and medical harm over the last few years, it’s taken a threat to our financial security to finally wake up more of the sleepers.

Financial Crisis, Fear, And Survival

Of course, anything that threatens financial security triggers our lower chakras, especially our root chakra which is linked to our triggers of physical survival. But this also highlights how as a whole how much the collective is more attached to the physical realm, materialism, and physical existence than their spiritual evolvement.

Equally, that strong physical desire to survive and support life can yes be a great pivot for change, creativity, and resourcefulness. But until we are willing to have the courage to truly face the truth. And see that we all can be a more powerful part of the solution than part of the problem can we move into empowerment and change.

But one of the main problems of awakening to the 3d games is that it is a journey a process with an array of emotions with phases of adjustment to our new perceived reality. For many, it comes with a period of the dark night of the soul.

7 Tips To Stay Empowered In A Financial Crisis

Financial Crisis - Top Tips To Staye Empowered As A Spiritual Business Owner
How To Stay Empowered In A Financial Crisis 5

1. Moving From Fear To Power In A Financial Crisis

The key issue is that like all life challenges, life’s wake up’s we have to face the situation head-on with personal autonomy and presence, not denial. We can choose to either sink, swim, or even float. But when the waters get a bit turbulent waters, we may need to learn how to swim or learn how to fully utilize the resources we already have access to, so you can move forward in your business.

Like every challenge in life, it all starts with how we perceive a financial crisis. You can choose to see a financial crisis as an opportunity for change and growth or choose to be a victim of circumstances. So many people thrive in times of financial depression by choosing to see it as an opportunity for growth.

If we are going to help others move from fear to power we need to start with ourselves and use our personal, business, and physical resources in a wise way to stay strong in a financial crisis.

One of the biggest changes that are trying to be imposed on us worldwide is CBDS Centralised Banking Digital System. A digital currency that on many levels is designed to take away our access to cash, have governmental surveillance, and control our spending. But like everything it can only completely take over if we the people sit back and allow it. Thankfully the masses are waking up, and refusing to be dictated to, the power amongst the people is rising and it’s having a huge ripple effect in ways most people don’t even realise.

2. We The People Need To Find Our Inner Hero

As a whole, we all need to access and own our inner hero. Now we can tap into the purest aspects of the hero archetype if we are truly tapping into our spiritual power and spiritual strength.

Now more than ever people are moving away from totally ego-based spirituality, and spiritual celebrities that have lacked substance.

We are developing stronger spiritual discernment, listening to our own inner guidance, and supporting our fellow lightworkers, light warriors, and truth seekers who like many of us have had the courage to stand tall through abuse and adversity while others have remained blind and distorted.

That is why more than ever I believe we all need to stop playing small, stop making excuses and get our hands dirty and be part of the solution. Humanity needs us all to do what we can, and what we are here to do. We need to be a hero in our own lives, in our own journeys to create the new earth. Of course, we can all send light, and love, and help manifest that new timeline but each and every one us of has to be an active part of the solution and show up for our soul’s mission.

3. Assess And Build On Your Resources

One of the biggest aspects of financial growth is being able to utilise and build on not just financial resources but other resources that you have access to. Those that survive through financially hard times are those that are extremely resourceful. Who invest and spend wisely but also maximise the use of any investment or resources they have and come up with great business ideas relevant to the time.

I remember many years ago going through a very difficult time with my health and finances, where I had no income. I sat down and made a list of all my resources that could be used to make money or give me some sort of financial leverage or form of exchange. I noted I had a computer, printer, paper, envelopes, and stamps so I did a mailout to previous contractors.

It can be easy to overlook so many of the personal and business resources we have that can help free up cash flow or can be used as some sort of exchange.

4. Think Smart Not Hard During A Financial Crisis

Financial challenges in life and business are a great way for us to start thinking smarter in business. It can help us look at where we may be leaving money on the table or push us into making healthy changes we would previously not have considered or had the drive to do.

Financial crises are great opportunities for drastic changes in society. In this looming financial crisis when so many are awakening, we have a massive opportunity to create powerful changes, to think smart. Let go of the old structures in society and old paradigms in business that are not working, particularly those not based on the good of all.

It is also a time to get really honest with yourself and see where you are lacking commitment, alignment or have wounding that needs to be healed.

For example what areas of your life and business are you soul-aligned or not?

What areas are you not giving your clients or customers 100% of what they really want or need?

What areas could you improve or do differently?

Where in your business are your leaking money, time, or energy?

What is bringing you growth and what is or who is draining resources?

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5. Become Part Of A Supportive Community

One of the greatest ways that people survive a financial crisis is by being part of a healthy supportive community. Many businesses survive extreme financial challenges by becoming part of a resourceful and supportive community that is solution focused.

Being an active member of a group that is based on we instead of I, that is perfectly aware of current challenges but is not coming from a state of poverty consciousness.

Healthy business communities can be a great space for networking, sharing skills, accessing resources, and finding ways to reduce outgoings.

People buy from people, this can be a great way to build up genuine trust and respect and is one of the reasons I have started the new lightworkers community.

6. Give Your Clients, Customers What They Really Need

A financial crisis is a perfect time to really identify what your audience really needs and wants.

The spiritual seekers are no longer seduced by the spiritual coaches that are just focused on popularity or just about achieving their next 20k month.

And are now seeking more guidance and support from those of you who have been truly doing their spiritual work, and who are driven by deep commitment and integrity in all that you do.

Because the world is waking up, it wants truth, it wants spiritual purity. That is why more than ever I believe your audience wants to truly feel the spiritual power and strengths of your business. One of the most powerful ways to do that is to understand your and your business’s main brand archetype. Identify your Spiritual Business Archetype absolutely free.

Archetype branding can be an amazing way to capture the core values, energy, and solution of your business. But I am bringing this to you from a totally spiritual perspective.

7. Identify What Is Your Super Power, Your Zone Of Genius

The more you can identify your superpower, your zone of genius, and aspects of your purpose, the more you can see your biggest strengths, powers, and innate resources.

It is far easier to succeed during difficult times when you know what you are absolutely amazing at, which you know without a doubt is a strong part of your soul’s mission.

Understanding the superpowers of your business will help you stand out from the crowd, and be more aligned with your soul clients.

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