We all know we have to let go of the old, the outdated, the past to open up to the new.

The same applies to your holistic or spiritual business, you have to evolve and move with the times.  Move along with your skills, expertise and what the market demands.


Every business has to let go of things to bring in a new flow of energy and clients sometimes a re-direction is necessary to keep the business growing. A healthy business will re-assess their business every year or so to see what is working, what could be done better, what should be tweaked or what has to go.

Once a year for the last 16 years I would take the time to assess my businesses income and expenditure, send out client evaluations and look at current trends or changes within the sectors or clients I was working with. I then would design a fresh business plan for the year ahead by focusing or developing further those services clients, wanted, needed and were willing to pay for that I was passionate about.

Businesses change in relation to lifestyle and current trends, I remember 25 years ago when Reiki was the new thing, then there was the current trend of Indian Head Massage, Bio Energy Healing…although many of these became main stream therapies, there was times when they were the current therapy of the moment or new modality.

Just look at how much technology, marketing has changed, especially since the world of social media has been born and continues to grow on such as massive scale. What worked 6 months ago on facebook, may not work now, what type of clients you got a few years ago may not be the typical clients who want or need your services now. Especially if you are a coach, healer or therapist who continually invests in their own awareness or Continued Professional Development. What worked a few years ago is probably different than how you work now.

To let go of what isn’t working you need to know what is really going on in your business and of course where your heart and gifts are guiding you too. It can also be so easy as a therapist to train in many disciplines and then realise that you can’t do it all, that you have far too many eggs in one basket; your message get’s watered down and so do you.

Here is a few ways you can start identifying whats really going on in your business

  1. Look at your accounts and cash flow- what is your biggest in-going’s, where does most of your therapy business income from. Where is your greatest out goings?
  2. Look at your typical week- assess over a week, how much time do you spend on admin, marketing and social media, therapy or coaching work, preparation, travelling? What do you struggle to do? What should you be outsourcing?
  3. What product or service has the least profit in relation to time and money, what product or service brings in the biggest profit?
  4. What types of marketing are using, what’s working, what’s not- has your typical client changed? Is your skill set more suitable for a different type of client?


Once you have done this, you will get a clear picture of the biggest resources and biggest drainers in your business. But before making any rash decisions re-look at your skill set, your products or services and what you love doing and see if perhaps your business just needs a bit of re-marketing or redirection. Sometimes your offerings just need re-vamped to suit the market, just like that secret recipe that needs a modern twist.

But if you know in your heart, it is time to let go, allow it to go, trust me, there will always be much more wonderful things to take it’s place.