Building A Relationship With Your Ideal Client As A Therapist Or Coach

Building A Relationship With Your Ideal Client As A Therapist Or Coach

Why Nurturing A Relationship With Your Ideal Client Is Vital

Like any relationship there has to be the likability, connection and trust between you and your ideal client.

The relationship you build with potential clients through your marketing is exactly the same
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Now more than ever with so many healer, coaches and therapists trying to sell their products and services. Therapy clients and consumers are confused. Overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of information and promises of this and that. Consumers are now far more cautious who to trust, so your marketing has to be like a courtship.

Your Ideal Client

In the marketing industry we talk about your ideal client, your ideal audience, your target marketing. And although you may think you know your ideal client that typical clients age, sex, location. Do you really know what they need, want and what motivates them to buy? Their lifestyle, interests, what makes them tick…

Do you really know what would make your ideal client buy from you?

Well the first important thing is resonance. If you don’t resonant with someone, there is never going to be that trust and connection. And just like any relationship it won’t grow or sustain it self, if you don’t give that relationship, the TLC it needs

I have been a big consumer of the holistic industry for 25 years because of rare health conditions mainstream medicine couldn’t treat. So I know very well how it feels to be the consumer, looking for that ideal healer, coach and therapist. I know my wants and because of my complex history I have key specifications that 99.9% therapists and coaches don’t have. Even I a healer of 25 years get sick and tired of false promises many types of therapies and therapists make.

Now recently I went for an osteopath treatment. Now because of seizures triggered by the specific vibrations or sound, going out for a session can be very challenging. The osteopath I wanted no longer works and the nearest osteopath wanted to charge £160 for a home visit.I knew I would need several appointments so I chose to visit him. Now although I felt a bit better physically and had less pain his bedside manner was poor. His communication style and manners showed little compassion and did nothing to instill confidence. In-fact he appeared nervous about many of my symptoms, this wasn’t a therapist I wanted to go back to.

Now I realised I wasn’t his ideal client. I had a complex health history that he seemed to feel uncomfortable with. His clinic was noisey, busy and filled with fluorescent lighting not ideal for someone who has any type of seizures. He was simply being himself but he wasn’t my ideal therapist.

Now normally when I look for a therapist, healer or coach I look for experience and qualifications. Checking out the type of conditions etc they have worked with and their results. I don’t want a therapist with only a few days or a few weeks training in this and that. But someone who has dedicated years in the industry who has a great reputation,. My ideal therapist is one who knows what they are talking about, who is honest and authentic. A therapist with the experience, knowledge or wisdom to help me effectively.

So I want to see that professionalism, that expertise in their marketing. I want to see the testimonials clients have given.Now if I have to scan through lots of websites and facebook pages I am looking for businesses who look as if they take their business seriously. Now it’s amazing how much the right colours, brand, logo and right information can make one website or facebook page look more professional over another. I have to say I seriously worry over coaches and healers who only use free websites and expect clients to pay more than budget prices for their services. It doesn’t exactly spell out investment or invested. Anyway when I find the right coaches or therapists I recommend them, I promote them and that’s what your Business Forever Fan does.

So what sort of coach, healer or therapist would you want to work with if you were in the circumstances your ideal clients are, what would you pay, what do you pay?

What sort of coach, healer or therapist are you?

Does this match up with the clients you are trying to attract if not you seriously need help to work out who your ideal client is and even better who your soul client is.

Does your marketing give that connection, that trust factor. Are you doing enough in your marketing for them to get a feel that you are dedicated to what you do or is your marketing simply full of advert selling, selling, selling or does it have very little so much so it look as if your not longer in that business.

Like any relationship, trust and connection takes time, the more genuine effort you place into it, the more stronger it will grow, the more these potential clients will admire you and tell others about you.

For your business and marketing to be successful, you need to know who your ideal client is, just like any relationship who are you best suited for. I get so many coaches, who come to me who were told by their training school they have to charge this and that and they are led to believe they will get all these high end clients….

Now I do believe we shouldn’t put limits on our self. But on a practical level know so many coaches and therapists who go bankrupt after a year,. Because they didn’t understand business and marketed at the totally wrong audience. They didn’t aim at the market they were a perfect match for. The clients they most resonated with at that point in their career, their life. Now a  sad but well known fact is most coaches and therapists struggle to make a living in the uk. Some run training schools that aren’t worth the paper they are written on. But that is where the money is, so next time you are choosing some training and they boast how you can make that 6 figure income. Enquire what percentage of their students actually make that income from simply doing their course. Usually the very small percent who do, are those who were already running a successful business. Or those who were able to invest a lot of money into their business.  Now I am not saying you cannot make a good living in this industry. But like everything what are you willing to put in and invest to get there?

Thankfully the holistic and spiritual industry is changing. More and more people are waking up to the fact they have to be authentic. If they aren’t they aren’t coming from the heart but a place of fear or not enough usually the ego. Not the best place for a coach or healer to come from. It doesn’t exactly send out the right vibration when running a holistic or spiritual business.

Do you really know who your ideal audience is, are you sure?

Your ideal client is someone that wants your services. They are not the same ideal client of  the friend that you went to college with.

If you don’t know. You can learn more about not just ideal clients but soul clients

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6 thoughts on “Building A Relationship With Your Ideal Client As A Therapist Or Coach

  1. Resonating is so huge in attracting your dream clients! I’m always polling and doing market research to find out what the people on my list really want or think!

  2. Knowing my ideal client is vital. I appreciate reading what you’ve shared! It’s a time when many are tired of hype and being sold to. It does take effort and consistency to build trusted relationships but I believe in the long run its the best choice. I have to put myself in a clients shoes.

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