Illusion Of Success and the Iceberg Content in relation to the spiritual industry, health and wellness industry. Why the illusion of success is such a huge problem in the online business world and the online spiritual industry today.

Why the Iceberg Concept Of Success helps us see a much wider and deeper perspective of what success in business and life often takes.

What is Success?

Success is often regarded as a certain state or condition when one reaches a certain level of expectation. But the reality is success means different things to different people. To me success is living with a certain level of joy and sense of fulfilment, to live my purpose and achieve certain dreams or ambitions.

What is Business Success?

Business success can also mean different things for different types of business.

For example many heart-based holistic and spiritual businesses have a strong desire to make a difference in people’s life in a way that aligns with their core values and ethics.

Many healers and therapists often arrive on the healing or spiritual path due to their own life challenges. And have a strong desire to help others out of their own pain and suffering. The big reason so many spiritual businesses are strong caregiver archetypes and wounded healers.

They want to create a living doing what they love and what their heart and soul is guiding them to do. Helping others and making a difference in the world while make a living can be enough to help them feel they have achieved that certain expectation of success.

Other types of business will look at business success when they have achieved or reached a certain level of profit or achieved a certain level of sustainable growth. We see this in many business groups that are all about pushing those 10k, 20k or 50k months. They are very much profit and financially motivated and led. This is often strong in many leader and ruler type archetypes or even influencer type archetypes.

The Illusion Of Success

The Illusion Of Success is never has been strong as it is today, because of the clever psychological tactics being pushed on so many social media platforms. Although a high level of success in your spiritual business is achievable with a certain amount of dedication, alignment and often a highly effective business and marketing strategy.

In the modern world of illusion, where we are encouraged to filter and change our face, our body and use a fake background to create a fake perception a fake illusion of the reality of our life.

Where strangers on Facebook, Instagram or Tick-Tock see a tiny glimmer into our world and make up their own perceptions and projections.

Where social media feeds and Facebook groups are full of generation of business and marketing coaches almost implying you can reach 10k a month no matter what your level of expertise or what your selling.

This illusion of success has created a mass problem in so many industries and is particularly damaging to the coaching, wellness and spiritual industry.

Where so many people have given up other well paid jobs or careers, falling for the illusion of instant success. The illusion that it is so easy to become a successful spiritual coach, healer or therapist.

That is is a quick and easy way to make a healthy successful income +almost over night when it is an area that involves a certain amount of skill, expertise and dedication and of course the right spiritual business idea.

The Iceberg Concept helps us look more closely at the reality of business, that most businesses achieve success due to a variety of things that are not visible that are not seen.

The Iceberg Concept And Success In Business And Life
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Illusion Of Success – What Goes On Behind The Scenes

The Illusion of Success – Underneath The Surface In The Iceberg Concept Of Success.

The Iceberg concept gives us a glimpse of some of the many factors that contribute to someone’s business success

  • Background Experience
  • Level of Knowledge
  • Level Of Personal Commitment
  • Market Analysis and Research
  • Niche
  • Right Team
  • Self Discovery and Self Growth
  • Support
  • Years Of Skills And Training

The Soul-Aligned Business Success

Even the most soul-aligned business that is is living it’s purpose has challenges. Areas of investment and mastery that most of the world never sees, the inner work, shadow work, the daily running and costs of your business and marketing your clients don’t see. All the stuff even your fellow coaches, healers and therapist don’t see.

Because we all are unique, our business is unique, how we work and who we attract is unique to our purpose, passion and our business model. That is why every business has it’s own secret recipe for success.

Each business requires different levels of skills, investments and commitments. Each of us has different strengths and weaknesses that we need to work with and around. In many ways success is a path of self discovery.

One of the reasons the illusion of success, distortions around business success are so strong.

The Invisible Scenes Behind My Own Business

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For example as a qualified healer of 30 years I am someone who have invested very highly in my learning and my own growth.

While friends and family were getting married, having families, buying fancy houses, cars and fancy clothes.

I was highly invested and dedicated to my own self development and my own spiritual self-growth. Working with over 300 healers, therapists and coaches, a lot for my own healing and wellbeing living with a variety of rare health challenges and disabilities that most people who see me online cannot see.

Behind the scenes, what my audience doesn’t see is over 10, 000 hours of expertise in different forms of therapy, stress management practice, learning, training and teaching.

And spent years under charging and under valuing myself, charging far less than other healers and therapist that had a tenth of the expertise I had. Struggling financially because of my own self-worth and self-esteem issues something I still work on or other business challenges.

The illusion of success comes in all shapes and sizes and in many ways is based on a projected illusion or one others create by what they think they see through that small tiny lens.

What Does Success Mean To You?

Moving out the illusion of success involves looking at what success means to you and also changes in mindset about success you need to address to actually create a healthy and sustainable business.

For most spiritual business success is largely based on first and foremost being able to do a job they are passionate about. And of course in the age of awakening, when everything is being revealed, it is so important to move away from the old egoic business strategies and be more spiritually and soul guided.

We are living at an important time in the world where we are all being called to fully step into our life or soul purpose, our soul’s mission.

But we have to have a healthy mindset around money and business, to have a healthy successful soul-aligned business.

A successful business needs to have the ability to sustain itself, make a profit so it can provide you with a healthy income, so you can stay happy and healthy.

Learn The 5 Pillars Of Spiritual Business Success

Achieve Spiritual Business Success
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