Powerful ways you spiritual business can grow and change.

In the holistic, spiritual and self development journey our business  has to evolve as we develop and grow with more awareness, understanding, education and even wisdom.

If you are a healer or coach who doesn’t invest in your own self enquiry, awareness or development, your journey; you and your business can get stuck. One of the reasons that the most powerful healers constantly invest in them self, they want to wake up and grow, moving with the  flow with the times and truly live their life’s purpose.


If you want your business to grow you have to



  1. Wake Up; Don’t get stuck into one way of thinking, one modality, one teaching; Reiki was my first modality and although I still cherish this journey deeply, I knew it was simply the start of my journey. I was very fortunate enough to have come across many teachers who didn’t proclaim to be true masters or say they knew everything despite dedicating their life to one type of healing our modality but even their journey evolved in many ways. The most powerful healers and teachers encouraged different thoughts about what specific teachings meant knowing they were only scratching the surface, something I encouraged my own students. You can only fully wake up when you open up and allow other insights, ideas, new learning and wisdom to come in. So many coaches and healers don’t grow in their self or business as they think they know best, many with very little experience or education while there is a whole world of healing and spiritual teachings out there that could really open or even shatter their limited perspective.
  2. Don’t Hide Your Head In The Sand; If things aren’t working they way they used to, face the situation head on, inspect why something may not be working, is what you’re offering what clients want and need, is it where or the way you are promoting, selling it; when everyone is offering the same product you have to show what is different, unique, special or relevant compared to everyone else and that is you. Maybe it’s just time that you stepped up and simply do what you’re really here to do, maybe you’re being nudged by the universe for another more important role or do you seriously need to look at your motivating factors.
  3. Smell The Roses; Sometimes you have to actually see what you have got, other than the energy of gratitude that helps you resonate at a higher vibration it is about actually really looking closely at all the gifts, experience, wisdom you are actually offering and promoting that or look at how you can share that in your work.
  4. One Step At A Time; Trying to tackle the end of the problem, the end of the goal or story never works, you need to start at the beginning and take one step at a time, so many coaches and therapists try to take the shortest way to earning money or building a business. they may get an initial boost but then they fall flat on their feet as they haven’t built a strong foundation, they didn’t take one step at a time.
  5. Build A Strong Foundation; Always build your business on your biggest strengths, biggest experiences, not those things you haven’t yet mastered or don’t really fully understand. Start with your strongest skills even if that is your personality, your life experience build that into your business, make that your focus for example maybe you are a great nurturer who helps people feel safe, cared for build your business around that, maybe you have always been an alchemist who can help transform change in someone with a simple few words build your business around that. Enquire about your greatest spiritual and healing gifts.
  6. Choose Your Teachers Wisely; Although everyone we meet is a teacher, when we are actually investing in training and skills, choose very wisely, never simply go with what that teacher or it’s training school tells you, do your homework. They are never going to give you the reasons why you shouldn’t go with them. Now more than ever we have businesses promoting them self as training school’s who are not worth the paper they are written. Owned and run by people who aren’t even fully qualified or experienced them self never mind experienced anyone else. I see more and more coaches and healers investing in thousands to tens of thousands of pounds in training that is not worth the paper it is written on and it isn’t till later down the line they realise in more ways than one.
  7. Do What You Love; My personal and professional opinion in the holistic and spiritual industry is only do what you love, not what it will bring you..; when you love what you do you it in such a natural state it oozes out of you, when you do it for money, stature, respect or what you think it will give you, you are in a constant battle with your ego, you will constantly struggle to prove your worth, your value.


It’s quite remarkable the changes I have witnessed and been involved in this industry over the last 25 years and it will continue to change.

We have to allow life’s journey to take us to the beauty and magic of the unknown.

We may face many fears as we go along that journey but with each fear, you can take solace that each part of the journey increases our wisdom and strength for others along the path.



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