Do you know what kind of therapist or coach you are? Or what type of healer, coach, or therapist you are here to be?

I never imagined 30 years ago what kind of therapist and healer I would be.  How much my life would change as I started my journey on the healing path.  As I started to explore so many different healing and therapeutic modalities in my early twenties. I began to study formally Reiki, Meditation, and Stress Management. The never-ending student, studying so many different healing holistic,  therapeutic, and mind techniques.

I could easily write a holistic bible about all the different healing modalities I tried. And the over 90 therapists, healers and coaches I worked with over the years. When I look back oh how in some ways I have changed and in so many other ways stayed the same.  One of the things I am most aware of is how much I was taught that wasn’t technically true. How much I was taught that was just one very small perspective in the vastness of the world of health, wellness, and energy.

The Kind Of Therapists And Healers I Met

On my journey, I would be blessed to meet so many different kinds of therapists and healers; therapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, kinesiologists, energy healers, spiritual healers, osteopaths, craniosacral therapists…oh how the list goes on.

Some of these therapists were actual more the educator, the mentor than the empowerer. Others were more the channeler, the connector, the guide. While others were the counsellor, listener, supporter, nurturer.

As a Spiritual Entrepreneur, it is important that you know what type of healer, therapist, or coach you are?

What Type Of Therapist Are You? What Type of Healer Are You?So What Kind Of Therapist Are You Today?

Are you an amazing bodyworker or physical therapist?

Are you an amazing empowerer or motivator?

Are you an amazing healer, channeler?

The more you understand what type of therapist you are? What type of coach you are? You know who you are best suited to serve, you know who is your soul clients and who is NOT.

What Is Your Zone Of Genius?

When I began working with Reiki and even when I became an experienced Reiki Master and Teacher I was still scratching the surface of my potential as a healer and what I was really here to do. Even though I had been a natural teacher early on in my career I didn’t really recognise my zones of genius. Although I was certainly using my zone of genius in my work.

As someone who had a lot of rare and complex medical challenges,  I wasted a lot of money on modalities that were never the right fit. It made me realize how important it is as a therapist to know what you are most qualified and suited to treat and what I wasn’t. It helped me have the confidence to always refer on clients that I thought would do better with a different kind of therapist.

The Most Gifted Healers I know

One of the most gifted healers I ever knew was Tom McCulloch, Tom had an amazing gift especially with certain types of conditions such as cancer, back, and spinal issues, kidney and gallbladder stones. People would come from all over Scotland, Ireland even the USA to get a session from him.

Another more recent gifted healer I worked with was Christopher Macklin who tends to work with very hard-to-treat conditions like Agent Orange, Aids, and Hiv, Late Stage Lyme Disease and Co-Infections, Morgellons. He helped me greatly when so many healing modalities made me ill.

The more you understand not just what type of healer you are but the solution you solve best.  It is much easier to identify your ideal client. When you know your perfect client it is much easier for your business to grow.

The problem comes when the ego would have you believe you are here to help heal or fix everyone.

So What Type Of Healer Are You?

Are your natural gifts and abilities reflected in the way you heal?

Are your natural gifts and abilities reflected in how quickly you support healing?

Maybe it is the safe supportive space you hold your clients and students in?

The listening ear or words of wisdom you are divinely channeling?

Every single one of us is unique in the level of awareness, level of experience, knowledge, and transformation that we can help our clients and students reach. But I see so many gifted lightworkers, all sorts of well-being practitioners who fail to see their greatest gifts. Too many of you hiding your most powerful gifts under a bushel. Playing small because you are too afraid of your own power or are blind to your unique gifts.

Every kind of therapist, healer, and coach has their own unique gifts.

They have a very unique purpose, do you know yours?

Some of you are natural teachers, some of you are visionaries,  channelers, guiders, or connectors…Some of you have faced tremendous and devastating life challenges and experiences that hold so much power and strength.  The more you know not just what type of healer you are, but how deep your work goes. The ideal client I had 20 years ago is definitely not the ideal client that I have now. Just like the healers and teachers, I go to know.

Are You Ready To Explore More Of Your Unique Gifts?

Are You Ready To Identify The Type Of Healer, Therapist You Are Here To Be?

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