What Does the King Archetype and Queen Archetype Teach Us About Personal Sovereignty? The importance of individual sovereignty in our life, business, and the collective.

Understanding The Queen Archetype (Empress, Leader, Ruler)

The Queen Archetype represents the energetic blueprint and traits we associate with the royal feminine version of a more dignified level of power, authority, and sovereignty. It represents the female archetype who rules over any establishment, organization, business, or home. In its positive traits, the Queen Archetype Protects its power, position, and home with respect, kindness, fairness, and wisdom an epitome of Princess Diana.

In its shadow traits, the Queen Archetype slips into abuse of power, aggression, and destruction and has a strong need to control or even enslave others.

Understanding The King Archetype (Emperor, Leader, Ruler)

The King Archetype represents the royal masculine version of power, authority, and sovereignty, the male leader archetype who rules over any establishment, organisation, business, or home.

n its positive traits, the King Archetype is enlightened, kind-hearted, fair, honourable, and wise, in its shadow trait the King Archetype slips into abuse of power, arrogance, cruelty, and destructiveness any sort of misuse of power or enslavement of others.

Royal Archetypes And Sovereignty

What do the Queen Archetype and King Archetype teach us about sovereignty?

What is Personal Sovereignty?

Personal Sovereignty is taking personal responsibility, personal autonomy, and control over one’s life, one’s body, mind, and financial abundance .

Personal sovereignty is an important life skill, it is an important form of resilience, a vital aspect of healthy self-esteem and helps create healthy boundaries. It is about freedom of power and freedom from the control of others.

Personal sovereignty is such an important aspect of living a healthy life and an important aspect of running a healthy spiritual business.

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Royal Archetypes and Self Sovereignty

The King and Queen Archetype can help us see the areas in our own life and society where we take personal responsibility and those areas where we give over power, and control to others or establishments.

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Over the last few years, we can so many examples, on so many levels where the masses at the collective and individual levels have given their sovereignty to the undemocratic rulers over the world. Acting like slaves and servants to power-hungry leaders because they are so detached, so disconnected from their personal sovereignty, especially their spiritual sovereignty and soul’s essence.

When we abdicate personal responsibility for what goes on in not just our own lives, but the society we live in. We are deeming ourselves powerless and victims when on so many levels this is so far from the truth. When you start to access more of your personal power and personal sovereignty your energy, actions, and attractions begin to shift.

Accessing More Of The Queen Archetype And King Archetype Within You

Like many things, in life, we can start taking back so much of our personal sovereignty in many ways by a shift in perspective. As soon as you realize you are the queen or king of your own life, your mind, your body. You realise that you are not a slave or servant to anyone, no other human being is your master or ruler.

We are all made in god’s likeness we are all made equal. Part of taking responsibility for our own life requires us to recognise that we are all sovereign beings and we all deserve to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.

If we continue to act like victims, slaves, or servants we will be treated like so, if we act like sovereign beings, own more of the spiritual light aspects of the queen and king archetype in our life we start taking back our power and power in the collective.

King And Queen Archetype Brand

If you are a strong Leader, King, or Queen Brand it is important for your business brand to fully step into its sovereignty to create a royal or leader brand that demonstrates its worth. Poor marketing can kill the perceived value and trust of the Spiritual Queen Or Leader Brand.

Equally, it is important as a spiritual business to demonstrate in your branding and marketing your strong moral virtue and values that are linked to the values of a good and wise leader who wants the best for all. That is why an effective archetypal branding strategy can help you shine authentically as the Spiritual Leader you are here to be.

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