What Are The Spiritual and Healing Benefits of Music for Healers and Teachers? – Guest Post by Music Composer Narek Mirzaei

The healing benefits of music have been linked to benefits such as increased spiritual connection, strengthened empathy, increased self-awareness, reduction in stress, and the ability to alter and uplift mood. Sound healing is a valuable component of any healing practice or offering, it can help set the tone as well as enhance the energetics and intentions of your practice. If you are a healer and spiritual teacher you would understand the energetic power of sound and its ability to almost instantly create harmony and resonance.

Medical Healing Benefits Of Music

There are more and more evidence and medical research around the healing benefits of music in healthcare, especially during hospitals and dental surgery, and with patients in intensive care.

This article in the Lancet Music for healing: from magic to medicine PERSPECTIVES|THE ART OF MEDICINE| VOLUME 376, ISSUE 9757, P1980-1981, DECEMBER 11, 2010 PDF [47 KB] mentions examples of medical healing benefits of music. It highlights the power of music as a medium of healing through history.

Immune Healing Benefits Of Music

The above article also gives some examples of medical research and random controlled trials that have demonstrated how much music reduces stress, and pain, encourages relaxation, and can impact the immune system. Also backed up by the American Psychological Association in the Article, Music as Medicine “The researchers found that listening to and playing music increases the body’s production of the antibody immunoglobulin A and natural killer cells — the cells that attack invading viruses and boost the immune system’s effectiveness. Music also reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol.”

Integrating High Vibration In Your Healing and Teaching

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It is well worth your consideration to integrate these high-vibration intentional sounds into your healing and teaching in whatever form that may be; online or in person. Ambient music can greatly enhance the experience of your clients and many practitioners such as meditation guides, yoga teachers, spiritual life coaches, hypnotherapists, holistic healers, spiritual app developers and many more have received the benefits of using this music in their work.

Custom Composed Music From Music Of Wisdom

Music of Wisdom also offers the service of creating custom-composed music for your specific needs. Narek Mirzaei is particularly skillfully and experienced at articulating sound within the genres of ambient music, meditation, and relaxation music, frequency and chakra music, sleep music, hypnotherapy music, spa music, music with binaural beats, and yoga music. Music of Wisdom’s compositions can also be experienced within your personal meditations on the Music of Wisdom YouTube channel which has a variety of meditation music including chakra alignment frequencies, relaxation, and emotional healing sounds. We sincerely wish for you, your clients and your business fully benefit from experiencing these powerful compositions.

About the creator  Narek Mirzaei

Narek Mirzaei is an independent composer and musician with more than 10 years of experience in creating a wide variety of original ambient sounds. His music has been featured in various films, television and integrated into the content created by some of the largest spirituality and wellness brands such as Nature Healing Society, Clube de Meditação, and New Bliss. He creates within his production studio and artist name Music of Wisdom.

About Music Of Wisdom Production Studio

Music of Wisdom is one of the first production studios specializing in high-quality royalty-free mediation, ambient and relaxation music that can be used commercially. Music of Wisdom’s specialized audio content has been utilized worldwide by many YouTubers, app developers, and practitioners. These unique quality sounds are a perfect way to curate and enhance any meditative, relaxed, or deeply experiential moment. 

Music has the ability to tune us into a certain frequency or feeling and anyone who listens with presence to the Music of Wisdom compositions will feel and experience this magical musical resonance clearly. Narek Mirzaei’s work delivers eloquent audio experiences created with great intention and attention to detail. This expressive and soulful music is played on organic and acoustic instruments.

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Music of Wisdom offers you a valuable free resource that you can utilize to enhance your practice and grow your business. The free meditation music bundle consists of 3 hours of high-quality meditation music and 2 free pieces of music monthly which are royalty-free and include commercial use license. This amazing resource can be accessed via the Music of Wisdom website.

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