April Awareness Days In 2021. Some International and National Awareness Events in April 2021 your holistic or spiritual business can add to your social media scheduler. National and International Days in April for Health, Wellbeing, Women, and Spirituality.

April Awareness Days To Add To Your Social Media

International and National April Awareness Days that can help you create engaging content for your social media content in April. If you are a healer, coach or therapist here is a list of health promotional days and spiritual celebrations for the month of April to choose from.

Social Media Tips For April Awareness Days

Create graphics and or memes with tips to remind your audience of any April Awareness Days and Events in 2021. Health tips if you are a health coach, nutrition if your a nutritionist, self-care and self-healing or empowerment tips if your a healer or spiritual teacher.

Write blogs around any April Awareness Days that are particularly relevant or related to pain points of your ideal audience and soul clients.

Create vlogs or videos around topics that are being talked about in the media in April. April’s main themes are Bowel Cancer, IBS and Stress.

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The Month Of April

The month of April is the fourth month in the modern Gregorian Calender. The April month was named after the Greek goddess Aphrodite. The birth flower of April is Daisy. 

April 2021 has a variety of international and national awareness days around health and wellbeing, conditions and diseases, spiritual and religious days. Here are some events in April you may want to promote or talk about.

National and International April Awareness Days

April Awareness Events 2021

Monday March 29 – April 4 – World Autism Awareness Week

March 27th – 3rd April 2021 Passover

Friday April 2 – World Autism Awareness Day 2021

April 2 – International Children’s Book Day

April 2 – Good Friday (Christian/Roman Catholic/Protestant)

April 3 International Walk To Work Day

April 3 National Chocolate Mousse Day ( maybe some healthy alternative recipes?)

April 4th Easter Sunday International

April 4th International Pillow Fight Day

April 5 – 12th Bee Happy, Bee Healthy, Bee Active Week United Kingdom

April 5- 11th Community Garden Week United Kingdom

April 7th World Health Day International

April 8th – Buddha Day

April 10th – 15th World Homeopathy Awareness Week

April 11th – World Parkinsons Day

April 11th -17th Parkinsons Awareness Week UK

April 13th – Wed 12th May Ramadan

April 16th World Voice Day

April 20th – 25th Orchard Male Cancer Awareness Week UK

April 20th – 25th MS Awareness Week United Kingdom

April 20th – Medicine Buddha Day

April 22nd – International Mother Earths Day 2021

April 23rd Saint Georges Day

April 23rd National Asparagus Day UK

April 25th World Malaria Day International

April 28th World Safety & Health At Work International

April 28th Stop Food Waste Day 2021

April 29th International Dance Day

April 30th International Jazz Day

International and National Awareness Months In April 2021

April’s Main International and National Awareness Month events for your social media calender

IBS – International

Stop Bowel Cancer – United Kingdom

Parkinson’s Self Awareness Month – International

Stress Awareness Month – United Kingdom

Move More Month – International

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