Summer Solstice and its energetic impact 2020 by Guest Blogger Zoe Whitehead of The Whisper Tree.

Summer Solstice

This year 2020 is going to be a huge year for personal change, creating new foundations, soul alignment and expansion for humanity as a whole.

We have now entered into the 1000+ year Age of Aquarius. It will take time to integrate these new Aquarian energies of unity and community into our consciousness, psyche, and energy field.

At present, we are in an eclipse period and have several planets in retrograde. Over the next few cosmically supercharged months, we are being supported to do huge energetic clear-outs on all levels: physically with genetic dis-ease, emotionally and mentally with restricted thoughts and limiting feelings, and spiritually we are able to step more into our personal potential and growth as we continue to do our inner clearing.

This is an auspicious time that at a Soul level, we chose to live through. At this time, humanity is being given many opportunities for soul growth, expansion, and the total embodiment of new-found beliefs and values.

Summer Solstice In Northern Hemisphere

This Saturday 20th June 2020 marks the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, the pinnacle of which will be at 11.43 p.m. (The southern hemisphere will be welcoming the Winter Solstice). During this period the sun will have reached its highest point in the sky.

The word Solstice comes from Latin meaning sun and still. Which is precisely how it appears in the skies at this magical time of year. In the northern hemisphere, it is the official start of summer and marks a time when traditionally crops were planted and the ancients celebrated the divine within. 

The Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere takes place around the 21st of December. It marks the welcoming back of the light when the days start to become longer once again and the sun is at its lowest point in the sky.

Solstice has a huge spiritual significance. It is a powerful time of year energetically due to the position and alignment of the sun in the sky. The sun is the bringer of light, creation, abundance, new life, life force and energy. It is linked to one of the Earth’s elements – Fire and represents the masculine principle within. 

It is not a coincidence that there are many religious and cultural festivals linked to the Spring and Autumn Equinox and the Summer and Winter Solstice. 

Festivals such as Diwali, Christmas, the Pagan Midsummer and Easter are all around the same dates in order to draw attention and focus to other spiritual/religious beliefs, practices, and traditions.

The ancients such as the Mayans, Essenes, Druids and Egyptians – built temples to capture that magical moment of the sun’s alignment. Sacred temples and statues, for example, the head of the Sphinx at the Great Pyramids in Giza, Stonehenge, Avebury, and Tara are all crowned by or aligned with the sun at these significant times of the year. Sacred ceremonies were and are still being held today by people from all over the world who visit these sites at sun rise, during these periods.

How Solstice impacts us energetically:

The Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice represents abundance, growth, connection to source & honouring the divine within. It is a time to reflect & celebrate our personal achievements for the year.

The Solstice also symbolises the energy of death-rebirth a powerful, natural ongoing cycle of nature that we continually experience whether conscious of it or not. 

Energetically speaking, at this time we are being driven to let go of what no longer serves us right down to a core level.

The Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is a quiet time of introspection and reflection – a time to gain clarity on what we want to achieve in our life. We have the least amount of light and energy and so feel naturally inclined to go within. This quiet period gives us the space and ability to inwardly reflect on a new way forwards for our self.  In readiness for the new year, traditionally and energetically we feel compelled to gather our thoughts, welcome new ideas and create new plans or goals. 

During The Solstice

During the solstice, we have the potential to deepen our spiritual and energetic connection:

During the Solstice we have the opportunity to deepen our connection with our inner world and spirit. If receptive and open, we are able to absorb more of the Earth’s elements, in particular fire for our healing and well-being. The fire element represents purification and death-rebirth. In other words, deep change and transformation.

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Gaining clarity for a more soul-expansive way forwards: 

  1. During the Solstice take some time to go into a quiet and centred space within. Give thanks to yourself and to the Universe for all that you have achieved personally in your life and so far this year. Honour yourself for your achievements.
  1. Take the time to write down on a piece of paper all the aspects of yourself that you feel no longer serve you. What do you feel you want to let go of? Burn this piece of paper with intent and connect with this element as you do so, being mindful of how purifying it is.
  1. Take the time to gain clarity on a way forwards that is for your highest good. Allow the inspirational thoughts and ideas to come into your mind and write them down.
  1. Turn these ideas into realistic and achievable goals. Listing them concisely will help to solidify your intent. Telling others whom you know will support you, is also another powerful way to set your intent.
  1. Keep your list of goals written down somewhere where you can revisit them. 

How to enhance our co-creative abilities: 

When we are looking to positively co-create our reality, we need to be in balance with the male/female principals. 

Here are some ways in which we can lead with the feminine principal and follow through with the male aspects for clarity and purpose:

A great way to start the manifestation process is by using more of our female aspects. 

  • Set your intent for change and to clear more of the aspects of yourself that no longer serve you.
  • Establish a daily practice of stilling and centering to hear the whispers of your heart or your intuitive guidance.
  • Ask the Universe or your guides to support you in gaining clarity over what needs to shift in your life.
  • Write down any inspirational thoughts that come through especially if you cannot act upon them yet.
  • Energise them by feeling them to be already resolved/present in your life.

We now need to follow through with the more male aspects of our self:

  • Get goal specific and think about the WHAT (what the goal is),  BY WHEN (when do you want to realistically achieve the goal), HOW (the steps to take or call to action) and the WHY (why you want to achieve these goals).
  • Create a mental picture of what these goals would look like to you once achieved.

Practices and tools to keep you focused: 

  • Create a vision board
  • Use manifestation anchors e.g. images on your phone/computer screen that keep you focussed on your goals.
  • Journal your intentions, goals, and dreams.
  • Set daily notifications on your phone as reminders of your goals..
  • Work with crystals for manifestation such as Garnet or Citrine.

Whenever we set our intent for change, we can experience a lot of resistance and fear-based thoughts from our ego. It is important to be aware of these restrictive thoughts and feelings. Giving our self permission to feel the negativity and fear that rises up within us, enables us to let go of the fear and take leaps of faith necessary for our co-creation. 

Recognise and celebrate any shifts or changes in the right direction will give us the momentum to continue. 

About Zoe

I’m Zoe Whitehead and I live in Leicestershire U.K with my husband, two sons, and a yellow Labrador called Webber. My time is often juggled between school runs, dog walks in nature (my introspective/meditative me-time) and supporting clients through the work that I do.  

My qualifications: I am a fully trained Transference Healing Practitioner and Teacher.

Transference Healing is a relatively new 5th Dimensional Healing modality, founded by Alexis Cartwright. It incorporates crystal, sound, alchemy, and Lightbody technologies to create profound shifts and healing deep within the psyche and body.

Over the last 10 years, I have completed my Fundamental, Advanced, Teachers, and Level 1 of Mystery school training, on location, in different parts of the world with Alexis Cartwright.

I now work with HSP and Empaths to help support their Awakening and Alignment to Soul. I totally get the level of commitment and daily dedication needed to make those shifts in consciousness and consequently our reality, for personal growth, sustainable change and transformation.

This is why I LOVE developing and working with tools and techniques to use in the moment.

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