Helping You Attract Soul Clients

By Bringing Your Magic Into Your Marketing

I help healers, spiritual teachers and creatives who know

they are NOT fully living their purpose.


I help healers, spiritual teachers and creatives who

need helping UNLOCKING their magic.


I help healers, spiritual teachers and creatives who are

ready to shine their magic in their marketing.


I am here to support, mentor and nurture YOU

to own more of the unique beautiful YOU

to own it and put it into your marketing



My Zones Of Genius

Helping healers identify and shine their greatest magic

and shine that magic in their marketing.

I also help you heal and let go what is stopping you shine


Areas I Support Clients With

Archetypal Branding And Marketing

Advice on Blogging, Website, SEO

Business Advice, Marketing Advice, Sales Funnels

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,

New Zenler- Online Membership and Training Platform

As a self-employed healer, coach and therapist for over 20 years, who began my journey into healing nearly 30 years ago.

I understand only too well the challenges of the healers journey.

As a highly sensitive empath with very strong nurturer traits, I know too well the challenges around running a successful business when you are driven by passion and purpose.

As someone who has spent most of my income in this field due to rare medical health challenges since childhood. I can see a lot of aspects of marketing from the eyes of the consumer.

I use my gifts as both the healer, channeler and creator to help you bring magic into your marketing. I do this through one to one coaching & mentoring and group coaching  in my Spiritual Marketing Membership Club. And my self-study courses and guided meditations.

Latest Blogs

Spiritual Marketing Club For Healers

Helping Healers Identify And Attract Their Soul Clients

Hi, I am Eileen Burns, Spiritual Marketing Coach & Healer,

I love helping experienced healers, spiritual teachers and conscious creatives like you, reach the soul clients you are here to work with.

Help you live more of your life and soul purpose by helping you identify your unique soul’s gifts. And by helping you identify not just ideal clients but soul clients.

As a healer of 28 years and online marketer of 20 years I have a unique combination of skills that can help you own and market your gifts. Click Here to learn more about Eileen.

Latest Blogs

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