Blog Interview of The Week  Wendy Tomlison from Morning Business Chat

Hi Wendy, Thank you for  being our Therapist or Coach of The Week. 

For those of you reading this blog who don’t know Wendy can you tell our audience a little bit more about you, your story and what you do?

Hi, Eileen thanks for having me on the blog.  I qualified as a life coach back in 2009, and then went on to train as a law of attraction practitioner and EFT master practitioner.  For several years, I have worked with all kinds of people on different issues, helping them to create the life they wanted.  I found I was particularly drawn to people in business, particularly people just starting out or those struggling to make things work for them. 

I now focus mostly on helping people in business create a positive mindset, to set and achieve effective goals and put that together to create a life and business they love.

Offering private one to one coaching, EFT sessions, accountability sessions as well as providing several courses and books.

Also an active blogger, I share tips that I hope will inspire, motivate and support business owners.

 So what motivated you into this work Wendy?

My life was basically far from the life I wanted before my coaching life started.  I had what seemed to be a pretty idyllic lifestyle but I was far from happy.  When my dad died, it was a massive wake up call for me.  He’d always believed in me, even when my choices were a little crazy to others.  I realized I’d stopped believing in myself. I didn’t even like myself very much at that point.

I suppose initially I took my life coach training for me.  I wanted to work out how to feel better about myself and my life.  

That was my starting ground.  Things really kicked in for me during my law of attraction training.  It was like finding a missing jigsaw piece.  Suddenly so much more made sense to me and I wanted to share this with the world.

I knew I was good at what I did and when I got clients, it was great but I wasn’t always very smart when it came to making my business work for me. 

I was always really busy, often to the point of being completely exhausted but I still wasn’t really making the business work.  I knew something had to change.  I started to focus on effective goal setting, using the law of attraction in my business and I started to deliberately create the business I love. 

I naturally began attracting more people who were stuck in their business as I had been.  These people were great at what they did but it wasn’t all fitting into place for them. 

So, I became more and more passionate about helping these people.

So can you give me a little bit more information on your learning and training in this area and what you feel you have learned.

I was living abroad on a little Spanish island when I decided I wanted to train as a life coach.  I wanted to take the course in English, so I opted for a home study course.  It was a wonderful course and fitted what I was looking for perfectly.  I covered so much in the course and it gave me a really good base to work from.  I had to do real life case studies at each level which often took me way out of my own comfort zone but it was a wonderful learning process.  I worked with a few clients after I qualified but I felt a bit of a fake.  My own life still wasn’t in good shape.  I felt like a fake a lot of the time. 

I went on to train for 2 years as a law of attraction practitioner.  This was such an amazing experience.  The law of attraction training centre is based in Canada and to take part in the training, I’d often be on calls at 2 am and I’d come off them absolutely buzzing.  As I said earlier, for me it was like I’d found the missing pieces to a jigsaw puzzle and so much started to make sense to me.

The day before I took my final call to qualify as a law of attraction practitioner, my husband left me.  That, at the time didn’t seem like something I’d intentionally attracted.  Looking back and as my tutor told me at the time, it was exactly what I had attracted and it allowed me to create the life I wanted for myself and my son.

I moved back to England at that point to be close to my family and against the advice of so many people, started creating my ideal business.  It wasn’t easy and there were days when I thought I should give up.  But I knew that this was the path for me and I knew that even though I hadn’t got it all sorted, I was making a difference to people’s lives.  That’s what kept me pushing forward.

I always seemed to get a letter from someone saying, “Thank you” just at the right time, when I was thinking of quitting and getting what other people called a real job.  They’d explain that my help had made such a big difference to them.  And I’d know I had to keep going, for them and me.

Another big change came when I qualified as an EFT master practitioner.  This meant I was quickly able to help clients with limiting beliefs that had been keeping them stuck. 

I love seeing the difference as people go from not really believing in themselves or their ability to be successful in business to believing it’s all possible and taking effective action to make it happen consistently with a positive mindset.

I also love creating my courses, writing my blog, interacting on my Facebook group.  Not everyone wants to have live calls with me or any other coach and sometimes that’s not what they need or maybe they can’t afford regular coaching sessions.  So, I’ve loved creating different ways that people can get information and support from me over the years.

 What one piece of advice would you give to our readers?

Get really, really clear about what success means to you.  How you want to live your life and run your business.  Then once you’re super clear on that, set yourself some priority goals and create an action plan to get there.  Learn how the law of attraction is already working in your life so that you can get it to work for you in all areas of your life and business.

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