International and National Awareness Days in March 2021 to add to your social media calendar. National and International Days, National and International Awareness Events in March for Health, Wellbeing, Women, and Spirituality.

Awareness Days For Social Media Content

A lot of coaches, healers, and therapists can struggle to find ideas of content for their social media posts. International and National Awareness Days that are directly related to your audience can give you different ideas for content to share on your different social media platforms.

You can use these national events and awareness day to raise awareness about different issues by writing blogs, posts, creating podcasts, videos, or even eye-catching memes. Especially if you are a health, wellness coach, healer or therapist, or spiritual teacher.

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The Month Of March

The month of March (Martius) was originally named for the Roman god of war, Mars. In the early Traditional Roman calendar, Martius was the first month of the calendar year. Because the first day of spring was viewed as a clean slate a new start.

This month we have a variety of national and international awareness days around mental and emotional wellbeing, conditions, diseases, religious and spiritual days. Although I am more of a clean eater being a bit of a lover of Peanutbutter, I was surprised to see in the USA March 1st is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day and a reminder that this month we have International Women’s Day in the United Kingdom. A day that brings back lots of memories of a lot of the International Women’s Workshops I used to do for women in my local and extended area.

March International National Awareness Days in March to add to your Social Media Calender by Spiritual Marketing Club

Month Of March National and International Awareness Days

Monday 1 March – National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day in the United States

Monday 1st March -Self Injury/ Harm Awareness Day International

Monday 1- 7th March Eating Disorders Awareness Week in the United Kingdom

Monday 1-7 th March Endemetriosis Awareness Week

Monday 1st March St David’s Day in the United Kingdom

Wednesday 3rd March Hinamatsuir/ Doll’s Festival/ Girls’ Day in Japan

Friday 5th March Womens World Day Of Prayer Christain International

Monday, 8 March – International Women’s Day in the United Kingdom

Thursday 11th March – Mahashivratri Great Shivi Night Hindu -International

Thursday 11th March – The Prophet’s Night Journey –

Sunday 14th March Mothering Sunday Christain in United Kingdom

Thursday 18th – 24th March Higan Japanese – Spring Equinox

Friday 19th March St Josephs Day Christain

Saturday 20th March Shunbun No Hi Janapese

Monday, March 15th Clean Monday or Pure Monday it marks the beginning of Great Lent for followers of the Eastern Orthodox Christain Church, similar to Ash Wednesday in Western Catholic Church.

Happy St Patricks Day by Spiritual Marketing Club

Wednesday, March 17th St Patrick’s Day traditionally people wear a shamrock a three-leaf clover because it represents the trinity. But if you find a 4 leaf clover it is supposed to be a good omen of hope, faith, love, and luck.

Saturday March 27th March is the start of Passover

Sunday 28th March – 3rd April Holy Week Christain International

Monday, March 29th – 31st March is known as the Borrowing Days, Scottish folklore proposes that these three days were borrowed from April so that March might extend his power.

International and National Awareness Months In March 2021

March’s Main National and International Awareness Month events for your social media calender include

Brain Tumour Awareness Month – United Kingdom

National Bed Month – united Kingdom

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in United Kingdom

Self Injury/ Harm Awareness Day International

Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month United States

Endemetriosis Awareness Month International

National Nutrition Month in United States

Walker Over Cancer in United Kingdom

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