Advertising Exchange For Healers, Coaches

Advertising Exchange For Healers, Coaches & Therapists

An opportunity to increase your reach and growth through our spiritual marketing advertising exchange. We at the Spiritual Marketing Club believe in the power of community and mutual growth. We now how important it is to give your social media audience valuable rich content.

A great way to do that, is by sharing highly informative or relevant content that your ideal audience would find valuable. Such as sharing fellow spiritual, holistic health and wellbeing practitioners blogs or free resources. And getting fellow healers, coaches and therapists to share your valuable content. The sharing of content and resources that result in a win, win situation for both parties.

So What Is Our Advertising Exchange Service?

Our advertising exchange service is the mutual and reciprocal sharing of blogs and free resources between healers, coaches, therapists, holistic and spiritual businesses.

If you are a fully qualified professional healer, coach, or therapist who has an established following on social media and would be interested in reciprocal sharing.

We would love to learn more about you, your area of expertise, your ideal audience and followers. And what type of exchange you would like to attract?

Contact us for more details with links to your main blog, free resources, and social media links.