What To Consider Before Choosing Your Next Therapy Training Course

Choosing Your Next Therapist, Coaching Or Spiritual Development Course Can Be A Mindfield

Now more than ever we have easy access to so many wonderful healing modalities, I am amazed how much the holistic field has opened up over the last 25 years but sadly some of that appears to have came with a price.

With such saturation it is very difficult for young therapists and coaches to wisely pick from the vast choices available especially when your investing a large part of your  time and income.

Here is a few things you should consider carefully

What type of therapist or coach do you want to be?

Many people just know their calling is helping others but they never carefully consider at the beginning of the career what the core of that calling is, they blindly turn up at holistic therapy course train for a few years and when trained realise they actually didn’t want to really be a bodywork therapist but a counsellor, coach or healer.

Sadly most local education colleges only offer the same standard type of holistic therapy courses like aromatherapy, hopi ear candling, reiki, indian head massage not osteopathy, physiotherapy, nutrition, homeopathy…so we know have in many areas particularly low income areas a saturation of the same type of therapists trying to get work.

What sort of conditions do you want to help treat, physical, mental and emotional? Will this course qualify you or give you the skills that will help support you in this area?


What are you already great?

So many heart based therapist’s don’t see their greatest gifts and just do any sort of course to add to their CPD Continued Professional Development choose courses wisely that will really develop your unique gifts and clients want, need and will buy, not just what everyone else is doing or offering.

Focus on your purpose, how ca n you be of service in the most natural way. I used to employ a lot of therapists for contract work most of these therapists hadn’t a clue about where their greatest gifts lay but some were great teachers, some were great for events and networking, some were great listeners …all of them were completely heart-based and dedicated to their practice and the reason I employed them. If you don’t know ask the clients you already have and the people that know your very well.


Why are you doing this course?

I have lost count of the amount of calls I used to get from therapists who were complete strangers who were considering or already doing a type of therapy and wanted to know if I felt the course they were doing was the right course. Many had already signed up, started and paid for their courses and realised very quickly what the course appeared to promise or be didn’t match up to their expectations.

It is getting more common for more and more therapists to go for the most cheapest, quickest courses and  then with a little bit more maturity or wisdom have to do another similar training. It can be very hard in the holistic industry to offer affordable extensive training, I know as a training provider myself. But it breaks my heart when we are playing with people’s health and putting out into the industry certification that is not worth the paper it is written on.

Do your homework, if someone is offering a one day in a course that normally takes a year or two at other training schools are you honestly going to learn what you need to do, is the person really qualified to teach you, any business can call them self a training school, what is their qualifications, experience, expertise and who taught them. Would you want a Dr that had only trained over a few days or one that had dedicated years. Remember your are holding other’s health and well-being in your hands. If you were seriously ill would you really want to put your trust in someone who may have only done a one or two day course with no client case studies or more. I also know of quite a few cases where people pretended to be qualified in areas they are not qualified I have had a couple of students who attended only level 1 or 2 with me who went out and told people they were trained to reiki master/teacher level with me.

A good friend of mine Tom McCulloch one of scotland’s and the uk’s most powerful and oldest healers tnow in his 80’s told me recently about someone who actually had the brass to put up a false certificate in her clinic that said she trained with him, he heard about this so he went to her clinic and demanded it to be removed.

The biggest problem with courses like reiki is that there is no main body of standardisation or certification. I began studying reiki in the early 90’s my first reiki master was Mari Hall an american woman who brought reiki to the west, she tried to implement standardisation of reiki in the 90’s to help maintain high quality in ethics and practice, so the essence of reiki was maintained professionally but sadly it never sustained itself. I hear so many stories from both clients and students and I see practices of people who don’t even understand what they are actually teaching. As healers and healing teachers we are honoured to be on this path and to have people trust us with their deepest vulnerabilities but sadly money and ego can play a huge part in sliding ethics. Don’t be sacred to ask the training school how qualified they are, what body they are recognised under, a copy of their qualifications etc.


What will this course give you?

Be clear on what you need from the course; is it just new skills are you a qualified therapist that just needs some extra tools or are you just starting out or not that qualified and need a certificate and training that is recognised. Many training courses tell their students certain courses will help them get a specific job, or they can earn… but they don’t tell them the whole truth, the bigger picture and what else they need to do…Do your homework!

So many coaches and therapists are getting disheartened with what is happening to the healing industry we are losing quality to quantity and sadly some are in it for the wrong reason. So be careful when parting with your money, particular courses that promise you the world. The coaching, nlp and hypnotherapy industry is one that I see a lot of people badly burned, they spend thousands on only a few days training and told this can fix everything and anything and you can earn big money for the least effort. A few years down the line with still only a handful of clients and clients coming back a year later with the same problem they open their eyes to the reality.


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