What Is Your Business’s Secret Recipe for Success?

your business's secret recupe for success spiritual marketing for healers

Every Business Has It’s Own Secret Recipe For Success [Updated 2020]

What is Your Business’s Secret Ingredients?

If you are a service based spiritual business who offers coaching, healing , teaching or empowerment. At least one of your own unique gifts is one of your business’s secret ingredients.

We can be in this industry a very long time and still not recognise the most powerful ingredients  or essence within ourselves and our business. I only started to realise my own business’s secret ingredients about 7 years ago.  After wasting a lot of years, money and energy focusing on the wrong market, the wrong clients. Work that in-fact exhausted me, didn’t fit with my situation, my strengths and weaknesses. Work that caused me a lot of business and personal challenges, a lot of stress.

your business's secret ingredients

Looking back I can now see clearly I was refusing to see big signs that I was trying to be something I was not. I thought I knew better when actually my heart, my natural abilities and state of being knew better.

Prior to this I was looking at changing my business and my branding. My work had started to evolve and despite having studied a lot about marketing and branding since before I started my business in 2000 . I knew how I was working was changing and so was my message.

Like so many therapists I went through transitions of uncertainty as I evolved for quite a few years ( and still evolve). But after doing a lot of intensive inner work with my good friend David Rabone. And insights from  studying various spiritual marketing courses, especially some deep archetype work with Cerries Mooney originally The Brand Alchemist. The realisations for my business became powerfully insightful. I was always fascinated by archetypes and archetype branding so this really resonated with me on a deeper core level and even on a creative level.

In fact my life, my purpose became so much clearer,. You see I started to see me the real unique me. My own life story and path made so much more sense. I started to see why certain aspects of my work  came so much easier than other work

My greatest gifts my own secret ingredients were there all along. Actually so obvious I couldn’t see them. One client, a therapist who had been struggling with the same challenge said to me during a session. That she was overwhelmed with tears as she had finally woke up to her souls gifts and said to herself “yes that’s me.”

Knowing your unique gift’s it just one small part of making your business work.

Recognising and owning those gifts, your secret ingredients is another.

Taking those special ingredients and making them into a product or service clients will want to buy is the next step.

Then it is about getting your products and services out and promoted in the right way, seen by the right potential customers. What I call your soul tribe, and soul clients.

The more authentically you, you are in your business, your branding, your marketing, your colours, fonts, words the easier it is to attract your soul audience, your soul tribe.

Customers are more market savvy now more than ever.  Especially around the holistic and spiritual industry that is filled with many false promises and false claims. Customers want more transparency they want to know your expertise, your qualifications, your challenges…If you are a coach, healer or therapists offering personalised sessions, your soul clients want to know if you are a perfect fit them. The more you can show up as you the quicker you can build that know like and trust factor with your audience.

As a nurturer and highly sensitive empath, my highly sensitive and empathic generosity is visible in what I do and how much I give away. Even in the spiritual marketing and business side of my business. My experience as a healer for just under 30 years shines through.

Business is about selling a product or service people will actually buy. Marketing is about being visible in a way that your ideal audience recognises you have something they want or would like.  In many ways it’s a bit of psychology, social science and relationship building carefully designed to nurture that know like and trust factor. And if you are genuinely in this sector from a total heart and spiritual based perspective. You will want to work with the clients that will most benefit from working with you. So being authentically you, shining as you, while understanding your unique recipe, is extremely important.

If you need some assistance to help you recognise and shine those secret ingredients.  Put those very special ingredients unique to you into the right recipe, something your right clients will want or need and of course will buy. I can help.

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Eileen Burns
Owner of Spiritual Marketing Club and Stress Coach Training. Eileen built her own business up for the last 20 years mostly through online marketing. A coach, healer and therapist she knows the difficulties many coaches and therapists have in business and marketing. Other than her online Stress Coach Training school which offers stress management, meditation and relaxation therapist training for therapists and coaches. She offers a wide range of spiritual marketing courses and mentoring for holistic and spiritual business owners.


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