Why I Help Spiritual Businesses- Eileen Burns



Why I Help Spiritual Business

Eileen Burns with David Rabone

David is having a chat with Eileen Burns owner of Stress Coach Training why she is now helping Spiritual Business Owners build and marketing their business after dedicating nearly 25 years studying healing and holistic well-being,

Eileen Burns
Owner of Spiritual Marketing Club and Stress Coach Training. Eileen built her own business up for the last 20 years mostly through online marketing. A coach, healer and therapist she knows the difficulties many coaches and therapists have in business and marketing. Other than her online Stress Coach Training school which offers stress management, meditation and relaxation therapist training for therapists and coaches. She offers a wide range of spiritual marketing courses and mentoring for holistic and spiritual business owners.


  1. I’m so glad to have listened. I so want to learn more. Especially when I read how you really did well on Google. I’d definitely like to know more about how you did this Eileen. I know Google has changed a lot but if it’s still viable as I think it is, I want to learn. Will you be teaching on this sometime soon?

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