Marketing For Healers

Marketing For Healers, Coaches and Spiritual Teachers

You are a highly experienced healer who has spent years investing in the right training. You have spent years dedicated to being the best healer and teacher you can be. You know with all your heart this is what you are here to do. You and your work are changing, evolving and so is your business.

So you need some help to be more visible online and attract the right clients?

Maybe identify your greatest gifts or niche?

Or get some clarity and help with your marketing.


YES I can help


I specialise in marketing for healers. I am not only a qualified healer of over 28 years but I have been using and helping others with online marketing for 20 years. And for the last 7 years I have been helping healers, coaches, and therapists market more authentically and spiritually through business and marketing coaching sessions and self-study courses.

With an exclusive Spiritual Marketing Club Membership for my 1-2-1 Coaching Clients.

As someone who has had very rare and chronic medical challenges from a young age, I have spent over 30 years being a large consumer of this industry.

In-fact I have worked, taught, or been a client of hundreds of healers, therapists, and coaches.

And what I can honestly say is often the most skilled, gifted, and dedicated were those who struggled financially. So I am passionate about helping to change that.

I am passionate about the dedicated healer who has made many sacrifices of time, energy and money to do the right healing. Who has spent years, maybe decades mastering their trade. But know it’s time to step up and shine, maybe start owning more of those gifts you have kept unlocked.

I want to help you shine your light and own your magic.

As a healer and spiritual marketing mentor, I know the power of the right marketing. And how much your marketing should not only shine out the solutions you offer. But how it should represent the essence of you. That is one of the reasons I bring a lot of soul work and archetypal marketing into my work.

Free 5-Day Video Series – What Is A Soul Client?

Learn why healers should be focusing on soul clients, not just ideal clients.

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Are You Ready To Identify More Of Your Soul Gifts?

Are You Ready To dentify The Gifts That Are Part

Of Your Life And Soul Purpose? your souls gifts meditation




Are You Ready To Identify Your Ideal Clients And Soul Clients?

Are You Ready To Attract Your Ideal Clients And Soul Clients?



In this self-study course you will not only learn how to identify your ideal clients and soul clients.

But will learn how to attract your ideal clients and soul clients.

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 Learn how to identify and attract your ideal clients and soul clients