Janine Thorp, Spiritual Mentor- Therapist Of The Week

Therapist of The Week is the lovely Janine Thorp, Spiritual Mentor, Healer & Teacher.

Janine thank you for agreeing to this blog interview, our readers would love to know more about you and your work.
My name is Janine Thorp and I help intuitive, inspired and empowered people, especially healers, coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs, to access even more of their multi-dimensional awareness, higher frequencies and spiritual gifts.
I help them to clear their energy, trust their intuition and connect and communicate with the higher intelligence that’s within them and within all of life so that they have the clarity, confidence and self-empowerment to live their Divine purpose while creating the health, wealth and freedom they desire.

So what got you into this work Janine?

I had already known how to connect and communicate with high vibration Beings, Nature Intelligence and Universal Consciousnesses when, about 15 years ago, I began to get intuitive messages to make something called Channelled Essences. I was already familiar with and loved essences like the Bach Flower Essences and the Australian Bush Flower Essences but making essences from seemingly ‘nothing’ was something I didn’t know was even possible! But it felt so much better to trust than to resist, so I followed the step by step instructions I was given by the different Intelligences who were supporting me and I ended up with hundreds of bottles filled with the most beautiful energy! They were amazing at helping me to clear my energy. I learnt and grew so much by making them.
At first they were only coming in as a support for me, but then friends and family began using them too, and they also loved them. I realised that they were also coming in for others, and so I began officially offering people sessions with them. It wasn’t long before I realised that I didn’t actually need any of the essences to be able to hold the sessions. Wonderful transformation was happening for the person I was with simply by both of us being present with all the energies that were coming in. Multi-dimensional healing and teaching were coming in both for my clients as well as for me.
Over the years since then this has evolved and now I offer premium level Mentorship, Healing and Teaching to those who would love to receive multidimensional support to live their purpose, as well as to open up to their own unique gifts and abilities and way of connecting and communicating with the love, energy and intelligence of the Universe.
I support people Privately as well as in Groups and with online Programs, such as my “Tapping in to the Universe: The Art of Energy Reading & Co-Creation” e-course.
I also have a free Facebook Group and Community – which you’re very welcome to join! – which is especially for everyone who is interested in consciousness, living one’s purpose and in co-creating with the Universe. I share lots of support and inspiration, and it’s a lovely space in which to connect with like-minded people. I’ll give you the link to join below.

So what one piece of wisdom or advice would you share with our readers?

It would be to pause, breathe, feel your feet on the ground and to trust the energy that’s coming through you. When you’re centered and connected and are willing to trust the creative energy that’s flowing through you then wonderful things can happen – you’re engaging directly and consciously with the love, energy and intelligence of the Universe and this, combined with your desires and intentions can create wonderful life experiences and evolution.
If this is something you’re interested in then I have some free Meditations that can support you to clear your energy, connect with your intuition and create what you desire in partnership with the Universe. They hold the space for you to receive very personal multi-dimensional healing and teaching. They are my gift for you and you can receive them at www.janinethorp.com/freemeditations 🙂
To join my free Facebook community called, “Healing for Healers” , just click on www.facebook.com/groups/sensitivespiritualentrepreneurs/ .
There is also a lot more free support and resources on my website, www.janinethorp.com, and there also you can find out more about working with me and about the online program I mentioned, “Tapping into the Universe”.
It’s been a pleasure sharing with you Eileen! Thank you so much for this opportunity to connect 🙂

Thank you Janine the pleasure has been all ours


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Eileen Burns
Owner of Spiritual Marketing Club and Stress Coach Training. Eileen built her own business up for over 17 years through mostly online marketing. A coach, healer and therapist she knows the difficulties many coaches and therapists have in business and marketing. Other than her online Stress Coach Training school which offers stress management, meditation and relaxation therapist training for therapists and coaches. She offers a wide range of spiritual marketing courses and mentoring for holistic and spiritual business owners.

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