Healthy Boundaries In Business Are Important, in-fact strict boundaries are vital for a successful business. Healthy boundaries not only help you to be clear on what you offer but what you don’t.

Boundaries in business help you be clear who are your ideal clients or soul clients are and who are not. Healthy parameters help you create a much healthier and robust foundation.

So Why Is Healthy Boundaries Such An Issue In The Healing Industry?

Healthy boundaries are seriously lacking in too many spiritual and heart-based businesses. Especially in the healing and therapy sector. Mainly because healers and therapists are driven and motivated first by service; passion, and purpose.

The most gifted healers and teachers in this field are driven by something very deep. It is not at all, about the money. In-fact more time than not, it has so little to do with the money, it comes with its own set of problems. If you are a heart-based coach, healer or therapist you really need healthy boundaries to not only survive but to grow. As the reality is, you are not running a charity or a hobby, you are a business.

My Struggles With Healthy Boundaries

I, a highly sensitive empath have struggled with boundaries as long as I can remember. It caused me all sorts of challenges in my business for a very long-time. This lack of boundaries increased the health challenges I already had. It seriously thwarted my earning capacity, because I struggled to say NO.

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The typical highly dedicated empath and yes martyr who wanted to help as many clients and students as I could. So much so my business at times was more like an unsupported charity than a business. Too many times I would attract clients who said they couldn’t pay or who conveniently forgot their money. To this day they never paid me their money.

I also attracted many businesses and organizations copy and use my training material. In many ways, my own lack of boundaries, lack of self-worth attracted these situations. But if I had set clearer boundaries in my business from the very start, this would have never happened.

Despite being highly qualified and experienced I constantly undercharged for my therapies and training. One of those reasons was I was someone who had spent most of my income on my health and wellbeing. Even when I was living on an extremely low income I made many sacrifices others would never make to just be well.

My health came at a very high financial price from a young age, in more ways than one. And for many years I assumed on an unconscious level my clients were like me. The reality most of my clients didn’t have any of the extreme health challenges and financial issues I had suffered. They could afford their treatments and courses but chose to try and manipulate me. And I allowed it, I believed their excuses and I really struggled to say no. It took me many years to wake-up and be honest about what I was attracting and to see things a little clearer.

Healthier Boundaries Keep’s You Focused In Business

Healthy boundaries in business help you see what you need to focus on and what to out-source or exclude. The right boundaries help you create a clear parameter of what your business is and what it isn’t. It helps you stop offering more than your business can healthily provide. And helps you focus on what is important, what you need to do and what you don’t

Healthy boundaries can help you move your business from a very expensive hobby to a healthy successful business.

How To Create Healthy Boundaries In Your Business.

  1. Be Clear On Your Ethics And Values
  2. Be Clear On Your Payment Structure And Concessions
  3. Be Clear On Your Greatest Gifts And Skills
  4. Be Honest What Your Not So Good At – Outsource or get some help

Healthy boundaries around your ethics, your values and integrity helps you stand out from the crowd. A great way for your business to define what it stands for and what you won’t compromise on.

A clear payment structure, terms, and conditions makes it much easier to difficult with challenging or manipulative clients or customers. Just send them to your payment page, terms and conditions when needed. This is a big must for empaths in business who will feel their client’s pain and suffering.

Be clear on the products and services you offer and what you don’t. What type of clients or customers your products and services are for? And who you don’t provide for?

Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. We cannot be great at everything in your business. A successful business requires a mixture of skills, accounting, budgeting, marketing, social media strategies, sales, good communication skills… Get help for the areas you are not so great at.

Start setting some Healthy Boundaries For 2020, make 2020 the year you and your clients remember.

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