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Struggling To Attract
The Right Clients?

Learn why you need to be focusing on Soul Clients

free soul client course for healers marketing their business

Step 1 Of Your Spiritual Business
And Marketing Journey

  • I share what is the main difference between ideal clients and soul clients.
  • I share why soul clients help you to grow your business more organically.
  • I share why my why soul clients save you time, energy and money

Marketing is very much about taking your audience on a journey, a journey that helps builds up connection; that know like and trust factor. As a coach, healer and therapist who has been marketing my holistic and spiritual business digitally for 20 years. I know how important each step on that journey can be.

The very first step on any marketing journey is knowing your ideal audience. The audience  you will be taking on the journey. If you make a mistake at the very beginning and focus on the wrong audience, you can waste a lot of time, energy and money.  The journey is so much easier when you choose not just your ideal clients but soul clients, from your soul tribe. That is why I have created for you 

Access What Is A Soul Client? Today


Ready To Create
An Effective Marketing Plan?

Learn why you need an effective marketing campaign

A Successful Business Needs An
Effective Marketing Campaign

  • Learn some of the common mistakes most small businesses make.
  • Learn the most common assumptions that too many healers and therapists are making.
  • Learn how to avoid these mistakes and start building a strong marketing foundation today.

Every successful business needs an effective marketing campaign to grow. When you don’t have a proper marketing plan or strategy in your business, you don’t just lose a  lot of potential clients ir customers. You can give yourself a lot of un-necessary stress, anxiety and work.

In this Free Webinar you will learn the most important steps that every marketing campaign needs. Plus powerful spiritual marketing steps that you should be taking if your a coach, healer or therapist.

Access How To Create A Marketing Plan 

-Pre-Recorded Webinar Today


The 2nd Stage Of A Spiritual Marketing Journey

One of the next stages in marketing other than knowing your soul clients and knowing the products and services they want and will buy. Is  the ability to create an effective marketing plan, a marketing campaign that will attract your ideal audience. In my Free Webinar- How To Create A Marketing Plan For Spiritual & Holistic Businesses I share a step by step process to create an effective marketing campaign.


The 3rd Stage Of That Spiritual Marketing Journey

One of the next steps of that journey is finding and attracting those ideal clients and soul clients. That is why we recommend our Identify & Attract Your Soul Client And Ideal Client Course. Once you are sure of your ideal clients and soul clients it is all about finding them and attracting them. If your soul tribe hangs out on instagram or twitter you need the right hashtags . That is where my Free 300+ Hashtags For The Holistic & Spiritual Business comes in very handy.


hashtags for therapists, hashtags for health coaches 


If you are an experienced coach, healer, therapist or spiritual teacher who is ready to take your business and marketing to a much deeper soul level. I have a range of spiritual marketing courses and mentoring sessions to support you. Check out our new online training platform.

Eileen Burns  x

Owner of Spiritual Marketing Club & Stress Coach Training

[Update: This page was originally published in July 2016 and has been updated March 2020 to include more up to date free spiritual marketing courses and resources ]
free marketing courses for healers, coaches, holistic and spiritual businesses who want to attract more clients and customers spiritual marketing club
free marketing courses for healers, coaches, holistic and spiritual businesses who want to attract more clients and customers spiritual marketing club

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