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Are You Ready To Manifest Soul Clients?

Ready to build your business, branding and marketing the right way?

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1-2-1 Mentoring & Coaching with Eileen
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“What can I say about this wonderful lady? I have been working with Eileen for 3 years now. I have been building my business over that period of time but only in the last year have I really put my heart and soul into it, that’s were Eileen has been a fantastic help.

This is all the things Eileen has helped me with: …Know you and your soul client ..Know how to be legally protected…Don’t fight who you are as a person and your gifts which I had been doing. ..Know your market. ..Tricks of the trade on how to get the most out of Facebook…A shoulder to cry on when you feel like given up which is where I have been many times lol..There is nothing that Eileen doesn’t know about business. I really dont know what I would have done without her. Oh and she is fab at marketing ads”

Louise McConville

Healer, Psychic & Coach, Louise McConville The Change Catalyst

This lady is amazing! Both Eileen and The Spiritual Marketing club have been a huge support and an effective resource in helping me to set up and establish my small online business. Eileen has taught me about the different archetypes and helped me to understand what my main archetype is and how to use that knowledge to attract more soul clients. Through learning about effective branding and the use of colours and symbols, I have been able to easily attract customers who are aligned with my products and services. The units about creating lead magnets and social media marketing have been invaluable in helping me to grow my social media following and increase sales. My holistic design business was only established six months ago but it is going from strength to strength. On a more personal level, Eileen has kept me on my toes and nudged me out of my comfort zone but at the same time, she is always so supportive. Highly recommended.

Claire Lavin Rice

Artist & Kids Yoga Teacher, Home at Heart Space

Eileen is so knowledgable and inspiring. She has helped me enormously in my search for my perfect niche, my soul clients.. The course “ identify and attract your soul client “ really is brilliant. If you are struggling with your marketing and want to get clearer on who you should be marketing to, eileens course really will help you..”

David Rabone

Healer & Spiritual Teacher, The Soul Healer