Fiona Kyle, Catalyst for Change Coach & Therapist – Blog Interview

Hi Fiona, Thanks you for taking part in the Business Spirit- Therapist of The Week,
 can you tell us a little bit more about what you offer and where your based?

Hello, I’m Fiona I am based in Paisley, Scotland and I like to think of myself as a catalyst in people’s life for positive change and transformation.  Through my work  I encourage, guide, inspire and support clients to take action steps to create a life they desire. I do this through a blend of techniques and approaches that help you get into alignment with your heart so that you can walk your path with confidence, love, awareness and empowerment.

So can you tell me about what motivated you into this work, can you share part of your own personal story

I have always been of service to others and worked as a manager in social care services in various settings for over a decade. In between this I was fortunate enough to birth two wonderful daughters into the world who changed my view of myself and the world.  If I was a role model for my daughters was I living a life that I desired and honouring myself, gifts and purpose? I had always wanted to pursue  my dreams of serving and helping others reach another level in their own lives by coaching, and teaching energy work and spiritual work but I held myself back with fear of not being enough. However digging deep I had enough belief and self-acceptance so I took brave steps and left a secure career to retrain in areas that made me feel alive. It wasn’t easy and it was uncomfortable but the soul and growth lessons I’ve learned are priceless.

That’s why I love what I do, I could write a book on self-sabotaging behaviour from my own personal experience so I use my experiences, skills and training to help others overcome fears and blocks that hold them back from making changes. I know what works and for me one size doesn’t fit all – we are all unique so I tailor my services to suit the individual to get the best from them.

So can you give me a little bit more information on the disciplines you are trained in

I invested in myself through training, coaching and mentoring  so I could help others walk a smooth path when making changes. I am grateful to have learned from some of the best teachers in the business so I could polish my skills and natural talents.

I am qualified in the area of:

  • Yoga (Specialising in Pregnancy and Childbirth, Post natal and Children)
  • Reiki and Energy Work (Reiki Master Teacher, Usui and Karuna )
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Intuitive Life Coaching
  • Mindfulness and meditation coaching
  • Spiritual Development


I host monthly workshops and love to weave and blend my skills to suit each individual.

If you had one piece of advice to give to our readers what would that be?

My advice would be listen to your own advice! Often what we are teaching (or sometimes preaching to others) is exactly the very thing we are working on or need to do for ourselves. So listen to what you are offering others as this is wise words from your soul to you.

Your contact details any offers or new events?

My website is currently under construction as I grow and develop so does my business! My new website will be launching on Friday 3rd March with free gifts so make sure and check out www.changewithfiona.co.uk

You can check me out on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/Changewithfiona



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