There are so many very dedicated healers and therapists here in Scotland, I have had the honour to meet, work or train with. This article is dedicated to seven of the most gifted healers in Scotland who have helped me personally over the last 25 years.

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My own healing path took me along many roads having been a bit of a medical mystery since I was a toddler when a strange indentation appeared on my face , then later mercury poisoning and a weird viral type illness originally diagnosed as M.E. which developed into serious eye and neurological complications all un-explainable or un-treatable by mainstream medicine. This took me along the holistic road where I  got to meet some wonderful, weird, awful and thankfully most inspiring healers. This blog is about seven of them in scotland and a healer from the states.

The first was Jon Page the main osteopath who brought Craniosacral Therapy over from The Upledger Institute in Florida to UK and Europe.  I was living in perth studying to be a vocalist and my first appointment still stands out; a very long assessment of several pages and after my initial consultation, Jon and the team of therapists at the clinic discussed and assessed a care plan for my specific needs.  I was a student with no grant and three jobs .trying to pay my way through college so I couldn’t afford the full care plan. But the few sessions initially of craniosacral therapy and  steopathy and the use of creative visualisation for self healing, ignited a spark of curiosity into the mind and body connection  that never left me. Little did I realise that in later years he would treat me several times when I was threatened with eye loss and early this year for very rare neurological complications.

About 6  months later I was introduced to Tom McCulloch, Tom  a very dear friend, over the years become for many very sick clients, Scotland’s greatest healer.  Despite running clinics from the most rural places you could imagine, cars would be cued up outside his cottage or dirt track next to it, clients coming from all over UK, Ireland even abroad. Tom now in his 80’s mostly retired has always  had an amazing a gift of knowing  and being able to almost see what was going on in his clients bodies.  He and his partner that the time brought Mari Hall my first Reiki Master over from america in the 90’s and although Tom wasn’t my my first formal reiki teacher, he kindly took me under his wing many times over the years.  He has always been of complete service for reiki with a sense of fun, humility, simpleness and true mastership of reiki and its principles. which sadly know is actually quite rare.

Mari Hall  my first reiki master and teacher came over to teach Reiki in scotland at about the same time as she was setting out to teach reiki in hospitals of war torn countries in europe. She has always been a true ambassador for reiki and set up an association for reiki in the 90’s.  She tried to set clear ethical standards in the practice and teaching of reiki to help maintain the sacredness of reiki and to ensure clients well-being and safety were foremost, but sadly this wasn’t fully supported by all of the reiki community and maybe one of the main reasons reiki teachings have got diluted so much. I have to say that no reiki manuals and teachings I have ever came across in the last 25 years have ever matched Mari’s. Mari’s world wide published books are a demonstrating for her dedication to reiki.

Then there was Cameron Cunningham a naturopath, who if I can remember correctly had been a psychiatrist or psychologist. This man opened me up to so many interesting dimensions of natural medicine, acupuncture, flower remedies, nutritional therapy, allergy testing and organ function testing, kinesiology… he introduced me to so much that even after 25 years later many of this stuff is still not mainstream.

Irene Smith, a local therapist and reiki master/teacher who I eventually completed my master/teachers with after being disappointed with the quality and content of other reiki teachers.  Irene is an extremely humble, highly qualified and experienced therapist, totally dedicated to service and to her own spiritual journey, who places as much important in her own learning and spiritual path to the decades of experience and training she gives her clients and students. But being very modest she very much hides her gifts under a bushel, Irene has been a very supportive friend, great teacher and has helped me many times through various serious and chronic health challenges.

Stephen Callaghan, an Alexander Technique Teacher who I attended regularly for over a year who helped me move from having severe mobility issues to being just strong enough to start a part time business after spending a large part of 7 years mostly housebound..

Dr Morrish a homeopathic doctor who relentlessly tried to help me over a 5 year period.

And last but most certainly not least my dearerst friend David Rabone I can honestly say that David is the only healer that I have ever came across that literally helps clients feel as if they are healing from the soul, the reason a national celebrity gave him the name The Soul Healer. David is known by many for his signature stillness, a sense of peace and calm that exudes from him naturally and from where he holds a healing space. David a trained pharmacist  has dedicated half of his career over the last 20 years to train and work with some of the most gifted healers around the world training like myself in many healing disciplines. Being a true mentor, teacher he takes his own spiritual healing/awareness very seriously and  dedicates as much time to this as his healing work.

l hope you have captured the gratitude  I have for these healers, a couple of them I believe to be scotland’s most gifted healers, each of them unique in their own way as they share their greatest gifts  from a true place of the highest service. A reminder to many of you on the healing path, how much each of you can have a serious impact on any person’s life or journey, when you are truly following your heart and doing the work you are here to do.

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